Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pantless at the Tulsa State Fair

I put on my super mom cape today and took all 4 kids to the Tulsa State myself.  Call me crazy, but I'm their mother, if I can't take care of them who can?!  Right?

Really it wasn't that bad.  In fact, we had a wonderful time.  We got there early.  Like 9:30 AM.  Because we got there so early, we had front row parking and it wasn't crowded yet. 

First stop, petting zoo.  We spent at least an hour in here.  The kids had a blast feeding and petting the lambs, goats, and ponies. 

We got to see newborn piglets being washed.  My children giggled uncontrollably listening to them squeal.  Well, all of them except Maya.  She was concerned and repeated, "Baby piggies cry.  Ahhh...poor baby."  over and over again.

Gavin and Camille

Maya, I think...

The boys lOVED looking at the hissing cockroaches, spiders and lizards.... 

while the twins enjoyed the ride on toys in the kids building.

Next we got dirty in the giant sand box.  This is where my easy day became challenging.  First of all, sand is my long time arch enemy.  Don't get me wrong, the kids love it.  We use to have a sandbox in our backyard and they would play for hours in it.  Still I got rid of it.  The constant dirtiness of my floors and it getting in every crevasse of their body was driving me crazy.  I should of known better then to allow them all in there....but how do you say no the biggest sand box they have ever seen?  You can't. 

To make a long story short, Camille somehow twisted her diaper and peed through her jeans!  Yeah, we're way past the phase where I carry a change of clothes.  I drug the boys out of the sand box and headed toward the bathroom. 

Zander and Gavin refused to go into the women's bathroom.  They're four and six, it would be humiliating right?  Geez.  I made them swear to sit outside the door together and not to talk or look at anyone.  I cleaned Camille up the best I could with wipes, put on a fresh diaper and we were on our way.....pant-less.  I called her Lady GaGa for the rest of the day. 

Yeah, I felt a little "white trash" but it's all good. 

Craft time!

I somewhat planned ahead and had graham crackers to lure the girls back into their stroller. 

Money spent at the fair? $2.  Memories created?  Priceless. 

How did I go to the fair with a group of 5 and only spend $2?!  I received 2 free tickets from a friend, that covered me and Zander....the other 3 children are 4 and under - FREE!  We opted out of the rides.  Fortunately, we have never really done them with our children and they don't know what their missing....yet.  Plus, when you go early in the morning the rides aren't running yet.  Bonus!  As for the food, I have no desire what so ever to eat a donut burger or a deep fried twinkie.  Gag me.  I know, I'm weird. 

Around noon the fair started to get busy and I decided it was time to go.  Gavin's eyes welled up with tears at the thought of leaving all the fun.  I bribed him with a happy meal and we were all smiles as we left the fair. 

Hey, no judging.  I spent nearly 3 hours alone at the state fair with 4 children ages 6 and under!