Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Growin' Up!

I've been in baby mode for at least 5+ years. From my calculations I've spent 30 months pregnant, 36 months breastfeeding, and changed at least 20,000 diapers (sorry mother earth)! No telling how many hours I've spent reading and researching baby "stuff" online. My identity has become mother and caregiver. I am totally ok with this. I love it....but a new phase is coming...and it is unknown territory...

My oldest baby is in kindergarten! It just doesn't seem possible for him to be in school. He is learning to read and write already! I went to his parent/teacher conference yesterday. His teacher told me that he is a great student. He participates in class, follows the rules, and has lots of friends. She said that he is the type of kid that school is easy for him and he is excelling in everything. His sweet teacher said, "We're doing something right." So nice to hear!
The fact that my the twins are my last babies is weird...but in a good way...don't think I'm crazy and gonna have another one! With my luck I'd be blessed with triplets. I'm defiantly enjoying them more...enjoying the small stuff. The giggles during bath time. The cute way that they are stingy with their kisses. The way they say "HI!" to everyone they pass at the grocery store.

When they say, "Enjoy your kids, they'll be grown up before you know it!" It's true. My hubby and I were watching old videos of the girls yesterday....we don't even know those babies anymore!! It's crazy how much they've grown! Before you know it they'll be reading you stories at night...sniff, sniff...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Woodward Park

One of my favorite places to take the kids is Woodward Park in Tulsa. As a mother of one year old twins and a three year old that runs off everytime he has "a good idea" I have grown to dispise parks with playground equipment or a nearby body of water.

I can lay a blanket out in the middle of the park and let the kids run wild. Who needs a slide then you've got a stick to play with?

These pictures are from last month. What happened to fall? I hope it warms up soon...or at least stops raining...so we can enjoy the park more this year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Middle Child Syndrome??

I've had to focus a lot of my attention on Gavin lately. For those of you who don't know, Gavin is my 3 1/2 year old...the "middle" child. When he was only 2, the twins were born. I was so incredibly busy (and still am!) with the girls that he was, unfortunately, pushed to the side.

The first year of the twin's life was such an adjustment...for all of us. We all know how much love and attention TWO infants need, so naturally he was pushed away. "Let's watch TV" or "Go play with your brother." As a mother, this is really hard to admit....out load. But I own it. It is what it is. I did the best I knew how at the time...but am paying for it now!

All the attention he missed out on...being the baby...there is a lot of guilt there. I find myself making excuses for his bad behavior.

Gavin, just a week before the girls were born...still such a baby himself!

I know children are resilient. I haven't "scarred" my child in any way. BUT I know that I can do better by him. I refuse to give up on my little Dennis the Menace!

We started "date night" with the boys. This is special one on one time with mom or dad. It can be anything...a trip to the grocery store, library, movie, ice cream, park...the important thing is to spend quality time with Gavin, in particular.

Hopefully positive energy will transform into positive behavior. A mother can hope right?! Ideas, suggestions and encouragement are welcome!