Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

maya & camille...can you tell which is which??

What a great day! We went to my Aunt Peggy 's for lunch and then to my sister's for dinner. I ate entirely to much today:)

Last night the boys spent the night with my dad and Jacque watched the twins, Ely and I went out celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary. We had such a great time. We ate at the Garlic Rose on Brookside. It was incredible. The ambiance was romantic, great service. We ordered a bottle of wine and ate until our hearts was spectacular...can't wait until we can go back.

It was so nice to be "kid free" for an evening. Ely and I don't get to go out alone together very often. Funny how our conversation kept shifting toward our children...they are the ONLY thing going on in my life right now. I love them but...

I think I'm going to join a "non kid related" club. Maybe a book club or something. I realize that I am a mother first and forth most but don't want to lose myself in my kids. I don't want my kids to define me...I think that is unhealthy. If only I can find a balance to be a good mother, a wife and true to myself all in one....We'll see...I'm turning 30 next month...maybe I'll be a little wiser and figure this life out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Potty Mouth

pic of jacers...such a ham...

All you mothers with little boys will be able to relate to this story. My boys think it's hilarious to add "poo poo" "pee pee" and "wee wee" to ordinary phrases. Example: "Have a poo poo day mama!" and then they both crack up like it's the funniest joke ever.

Well today the boys were sitting up at the bar in our kitchen having an after school snack, peanut butter crackers. I beat them to the punchline saying, "Here's your peanut BUTTer crackers." They laughed. Then Gavin said, "No, PEE PEE nut BUTTter crackers!" Outwitted by a two year old.

Leo Leonni

Zander likes to play school. He informed me that there are "guy teachers too ya know." He tries to make Gavin be a student in his class, but he just gets angry with him because Gavin won't listen him. Most of the time he has imaginary students.

Yesterday he was playing school looking through all his books, trying to decide which one to read to his class, and said, "Mom why don't I have any books by Leo Leonni?"

WHAT!? He's to grown up for being only four. He must really listen in school...I can't believe how much he is learning!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breastfeeding Twins

I love this picture of Maya!

I just read an article about Angelina Jolie breastfeeding her twins, her difficulties and her finally weaning them from the breast at 3 months. Wanted to share my struggles and triumphs.

I nursed Zander for 12 months & Gavin for nearly 15 months. I assumed I was a pro and wouldn't have any problems. Well let me say, breastfeeding twins is tough! You have to be 100% committed to making it work...and still some women have problems with milk supply. When my milk first came in it was SO MUCH! (ouch!) I never had a problem with my boys latching on, but the girls were a different story. Maybe because they were a little smaller? (6lb 3oz & 5lb 9oz...big for twins) They couldn't seem to get their little mouths latched on correctly. Eventually...about a week of practice they got it :)

The "experts" (whoever they are) say that nursing twins doesn't make your nipples any more sore than nursing a singleton....I beg to differ! For the first 3 weeks I was almost in tears at feeding time. That never happened with my 1st two! At one point I even considered quitting and switching to formula. Without a supportive husband to cheer me along I might have. I'm not saying this o scare anyone...but to encourage. It's tough emotionally and physically to nurse twins, but you can succeed!

Here is my advice on how to make it work:

  • Be committed 100% Failing is not an option.

  • Take care of yourself! Those babies are taking a lot out of you. You need 2000 EXTRA calories a day (I'm no expert...I just remember reading that somewhere) Keep your pantry stocked with healthy snacks nuts, power bars, fruit, etc. Eat every 2-3 hours.

  • Drink LOTS of water! If you're dehydrated you're not going to produce enough milk.

  • Feed your babies at the same time, esp at night, wake the other baby if needed.

On that note, I want to add that when you're expecting twins you hear all this advice on how to do it "right." My twins are only 6 months now, but I through out most of the advice I received out the window. I think you have to do what works for you in your situation. For example, I was told you have to feed your twins at the same time & keep them on the same schedule. Easy enough right? Well when your busy with a preschooler and a toddler PLUS have twin newborns that's a different story. Don't feel guilty if you don't do it "right." I didn't have a strict nursing schedule or nap schedule (funny though...I did with my 1st born...I think you relax a bit the more children you have!) The first few months I just did what I could to get by. It was easier for me to take care of one newborn at a time. I would nurse one at a time, that way if I had to get up and attend to the other children I could. I loved my baby ktan sling! No hands nursing.

The turning point in my way of thinking happened this summer. I was busy nursing both twins at the same time, the boys were running around the house being extra rowdy. I would yell at them to settle down...but they knew I was busy and weren't listening to me. They went into the kitchen where I couldn't see them and started to wrestle. I didn't see what happened, but apparently Zander "body slammed" Gavin into the floor face first! Long story short, we had to go to the ER. And let me add that was a stressful 10 minutes...Gavin's mouth bleeding, teeth pushed back, he's hysterical...Zander's crying because he thinks he's in trouble...the twins were in the middle of nursing and I had to stop so they are screaming...while I'm tending to Gavin one of the twins poops her diaper. By the way, it's just me and the kids at home! While hugging Gavin, mouth dripping blood, I have to change the girls diapers load them in their carseats. Get Zander dressed...they are always taking their clothes off and running around in diaper or underwear...We eventually got to the ER. Anyway, the moral of the story is, do what works for YOU. Nursing one twin at a time works best for me. In the evening (and throughout the night) I get them on the same schedule...when Ely's home...that way he can help burp plus you get more sleep if you feed them at the same time at night!

Wow...look at all my run on sentences...girls are waking from their morning nap....more later!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Jennifer, Me, Dawn, & Jacque
I had a long over due girls night out this weekend. We didn't get crazy or anything, just margaritas and fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. I had a good time though. Ely watched all 4 kids all by himself. I like to leave him with all the kids just to remind him how much I do all day. Just kidding...he's knows how chaotic it can get around here...
We're counting down the days until our 6 year anniversary (November 28). We think we've got a babysitter for the Wednesday before and can't wait to go out! We always have to divide up our kids. I don't know anyone who can take care of all of them by themselves for a long period of time. The boys (4 & 2) are pretty typical rowdy boys and the twins (6 months already!) are pretty demanding spoiled babies who have got their mommy and daddy trained :) jk they are GREAT babies...but spoiled. Whoever says you can't spoil a baby needs to come to my house for a day! But then again maybe it just seems that way because there are is always needing something. Wow...that sure was a ramble...the point is...we have a date night scheduled! We're just crossing our fingers nothing goes wrong.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

They say God won't let anything happen to you that you can't handle...I think he has me confused with someone else...jk

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letting off steam

I've been having an internal battle lately & decided to write about it. By nature I'm kind of a control freak. With one or two kids it's tough...but you can schedule and get in a routine and get by just fine. But with FOUR young children I'm realizing exactly how disfunctional I can be. I have all these expectations about how my life should be. I expect my children to behave, my babies to be content, and my home to run smooth....not so.
Zander has always been my "model child." Doing what he's told and exceeding all expectations. Lately he has been testing boundaries...I know it's natural and essential for his's just bad timing for me! I'm dealing with babies all day and and trying to teach Gavin how to behave, I expect him to act a lot older than he really is.

I've just got a lot on my plate right now and when I can't do everything it stresses me out. Who can? I know I need to cut myself some slack. I really didn't resolve anything...just letting off steam. Tomorrow's another day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another long night...

maya & camille's amazing how messy your house can get when you're not feeling well...or busy taking care of sick little ones. Hopefully I can get caught up today...

Last night was LOOOONNNGGGG! The twins were both not feeling well...running slight fevers, coughing, runny nose, congestion....they had to sleep in their swings sitting up so I slept on the couch in the living room to be near them. At one point in the night I as laying on the couch holding Maya (or 3AM even I get confused!) Zander was laying on the couch at my feet & Gavin was snuggled by my wonder my muscles ache this morning! I hope my babies start feeling better soon.

Better take advantage of this nap time and get caught up on laundry!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

same site...

I know I haven't written much lately. I've been concentrating on transfering my old blog on tumbler to this site. I like the format better...easier to manage and plus people can leave me comments if they want :)

Now that the rest of the family is feeling better the twins are getting sick. Runny nose, congestion, cough...I hate seeing my babies not feeling well. Maya was up ALL night. I "slept" sitting up on the couch with her...she didn't want to lay down. Long night to say the least. Ely is off today so I got a nap this morning....exciting entry....I know.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shopping with twins

Today I went grocery shopping with the twins. I was wearing Camille and Maya was asleep in her carseat. About halfway through our trip Maya wakes up screaming…a dirty diaper (at least it wasn’t a blow out!) I then proceed to the front of the store juggling both babies while pushing my buggy of groceries. Once I get to the bathroom I put Maya back in her seat and then try to lift it very carefully out of the shopping cart…not easy to do when you’re wearing a baby on your front! It heavy & high…not to mention you have to balance it just right because your baby’s not buckled in! Once I’m in the bathroom I have to “switch” babies in the seat…sigh…I’m getting tired reliving it. Anyway the point is NOTHING IS EASY WITH TWINS!

I remember a TERRIBLE trip to the grocery store when Gavin was a baby. He was just a few weeks old and Zander was almost 2. Well Gavin had a MAJOR blowout in his car seat. For all you nursing moms out there, you know what kind of blowout I’m talking about! I tell you it’s everywhere…up his back, down his legs, puddled in his seat…disgusting. We go to the bathroom…my cart is full of groceries so I grab Zander from the cart and leave it outside. I try my best to clean Gavin up (who, by the way, is screaming hysterically) I go through the sample package of wipes and proceed to use the sink and paper towels…Zander is running around the public restroom playing in the toilets…at this point I am in tears. The manager of Reasor’s came in the bathroom and asked me if I need help. I said, “Yes, please!” I handed her Gavin (naked) I then quickly cleaned the changing table, took Gavin finished cleaning him up and got him dressed. The manager watched Zander while I took out all the fabric of Gavin’s car seat. The manager then brought me several plastic bags to put all my “soiled linens.” I was such a wreck I apologized to the manager and thanked her for her help and rushed out of the store…there was no way I was going to finish my grocery shopping.