Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shopping with twins

Today I went grocery shopping with the twins. I was wearing Camille and Maya was asleep in her carseat. About halfway through our trip Maya wakes up screaming…a dirty diaper (at least it wasn’t a blow out!) I then proceed to the front of the store juggling both babies while pushing my buggy of groceries. Once I get to the bathroom I put Maya back in her seat and then try to lift it very carefully out of the shopping cart…not easy to do when you’re wearing a baby on your front! It heavy & high…not to mention you have to balance it just right because your baby’s not buckled in! Once I’m in the bathroom I have to “switch” babies in the seat…sigh…I’m getting tired reliving it. Anyway the point is NOTHING IS EASY WITH TWINS!

I remember a TERRIBLE trip to the grocery store when Gavin was a baby. He was just a few weeks old and Zander was almost 2. Well Gavin had a MAJOR blowout in his car seat. For all you nursing moms out there, you know what kind of blowout I’m talking about! I tell you it’s everywhere…up his back, down his legs, puddled in his seat…disgusting. We go to the bathroom…my cart is full of groceries so I grab Zander from the cart and leave it outside. I try my best to clean Gavin up (who, by the way, is screaming hysterically) I go through the sample package of wipes and proceed to use the sink and paper towels…Zander is running around the public restroom playing in the toilets…at this point I am in tears. The manager of Reasor’s came in the bathroom and asked me if I need help. I said, “Yes, please!” I handed her Gavin (naked) I then quickly cleaned the changing table, took Gavin finished cleaning him up and got him dressed. The manager watched Zander while I took out all the fabric of Gavin’s car seat. The manager then brought me several plastic bags to put all my “soiled linens.” I was such a wreck I apologized to the manager and thanked her for her help and rushed out of the store…there was no way I was going to finish my grocery shopping.

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