Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Jennifer, Me, Dawn, & Jacque
I had a long over due girls night out this weekend. We didn't get crazy or anything, just margaritas and fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. I had a good time though. Ely watched all 4 kids all by himself. I like to leave him with all the kids just to remind him how much I do all day. Just kidding...he's knows how chaotic it can get around here...
We're counting down the days until our 6 year anniversary (November 28). We think we've got a babysitter for the Wednesday before and can't wait to go out! We always have to divide up our kids. I don't know anyone who can take care of all of them by themselves for a long period of time. The boys (4 & 2) are pretty typical rowdy boys and the twins (6 months already!) are pretty demanding spoiled babies who have got their mommy and daddy trained :) jk they are GREAT babies...but spoiled. Whoever says you can't spoil a baby needs to come to my house for a day! But then again maybe it just seems that way because there are TWO...one is always needing something. Wow...that sure was a ramble...the point is...we have a date night scheduled! We're just crossing our fingers nothing goes wrong.

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