Monday, April 27, 2009

"I didn't WANT to step in the mudd, Momma!"

This morning it is muddy and overcast. Gavin really wanted to go outside. I told him to stay on the back patio and NOT TO GO INTO THE MUD! I should have known the temptation was to strong for my 3 year old. Next thing I know Gavin is no where to be seen. I call for him, he comes from around the side of the house...muddy.
"Why are you off the deck Gavin?"
"I didn't WANT to step in the mud Momma! I had to go get this rolly poly." He opened his little dirty hand and showed me about 8 little bugs in his palm. Well as long as you didn't WANT TO. I tried not to smile, and made him come in and wash up.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Steps

Camille took her first steps today! I know that this picture has nothing to do with walking, but I missed the first steps pictures. I can't find my's packed in a box somewhere! This is her second favorite thing to do, take a bath.

She has been cruising for some time now, but today was the big day. She took about four steps before she fell down. Then she stood back up and tried again. Every three or four steps she would fall down, but she would just crawl back over to the coffee table and try again. She's going to be running around before we know it!

I wonder how long it will take Maya. She didn't even try to crawl until she saw Camille getting praised for doing it. Not sure if I'm ready for walking twins, but I guess I really don't have a choice. I can't believe my babies will be one next month!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Home, New Beginning

Here's a shout out to Aunt Duque. We love for you to come over and play (even though there is latex in the carpet and you leave with itchy legs from crawling around and playing with us!) Holla. ;)
It's so nice to live in a home that fits our family's size. Our new home is 2000 sq ft & our old place was just at 1100...that's nearly double the space! (yeah...I'm good at math) I can't wait until we finish the attic and make it a playroom for the twins...maybe in a year or two.
Yesterday I took a well deserved break from unpacking and met some old friends from high school at a park with all of our children. It was so nice catching up.
I can't remember if I posted it already on here, but the twins are officially weaned! I made it almost to 11 months. I assumed that I would have no problem nursing twins, I nursed Zander for a year and Gavin for 15 months, but boy was I wrong. Towards the end it just wasn't enjoyable anymore. I DREADED feeding time. My psoriasis gets worse in times of stress and buying a new house, packing, being a mommy to 4 kids, and the anticipation of the pain of nursing...oh...the thought of it stresses me out. But it's all over know...the babies are taking formula...kinda funny, in a month I'll be weaning them from that to cows milk! They say everything happens for a reason. I think it was hard for me to nurse the twins because I was somewhat of a nursing nazi. I just couldn't understand why any mother who stayed at home wouldn't nurse their baby. Yeah, it hurts at first, but get over it and feed your baby I thought...just ask my sister Rebekkah. I'm sure I got on her nerves because she chose not to nurse. But now it's a different story. I had SO MUCH GUILT because I wanted to stop nursing at 9 months that I nursed for 2 more months in PAIN!! That's just ridiculous. I'm a much better mother when I'm happy and babies aren't sucking the life out of if I could get this engorgement under control.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is this not the cutest picture?! I'm really proud of my mad photography skills. jk. Maya loves to climb and "wrestle" with her brothers. These girls are gonna be tough!

We are finally all moved into our new home. I am completly EXHAUSTED with the packing, moving, unpacking, PLUS being a mommy to 4 little ones. A big THANK YOU to all my friends and family that helped us move and watch kids. We couldn't have done it without you!

Tonight is our 2nd night in our new place. As we were getting ready for bed, Gavin said he wanted to go home. "This is your new home now." I told him. He started crying and said he didn't like it here and wanted to go home. He's crying himself to sleep as I type. Poor little guy. It's hard being three.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

The boys had a great time coloring and decorating eggs this year. The boys are finally starting to "get" the holidays and it's so much fun. Gavin put at least 30 stickers on each of his eggs.
Easter day was rainy. That didn't stop us from having 25 egg a row. I think it's the boys favorite game now. This egg on Ely's head was probably the hardest one for the boys to find.
The only downside to the egg hunts indoors...we used real hard boiled eggs. After a few rounds of "egg hunt" they were all cracked by getting dropped or thrown into baskets. We all took turns hiding the them. When it was Gavin's turn...well, he couldn't remember where he hid them. Good thing we're moving this weekend, otherwise we'd probably find a rotten egg between the cushions of the couch or in a closet somewhere! I'm still finding random pieces of egg shell, even though I've vacuumed twice since Easter. Maya found one of Gavin's "missing" eggs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back Tracking!

OK. You all know Gavin is now 3 and still NOT potty trained. This is very frustrating to me. We went two full days without diapers last week. Did he make it to the potty once? No. He peed all over himself every time...a change of clothes and bath nearly every hour. By day three, I gave in and put a pull up on him. Since then he has gone #2 in the potty once. We had a great celebration and had M&M's...a very big deal in our house. Not an hour later I go into his room and find this:
He's sitting in his baby sister's walker with a PACIFIER in his mouth!! What is that all about?! We just had a "Potty Party" and had talked about what a "big boy" he was....this is just getting ridiculous. Has anyone gone through this? He wants to be a baby. I'm at a loss for ideas. Help! (Rebekkah- maybe this is karma because I bugged you about Jace not being potty trained by 3!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tutu's & Flowers

When I first found out I was pregnant with twins they said they where both boys. Not only was I freaking out about having twins...but FOUR BOYS!? The thought scared me to death. Don't get me wrong I love my boys, but 4!? Nearly two months later, and finally at peace with never having a little girl, I went in for a second ultrasound. To my surprise (and relief) I found out I was having identical girls.
I love having girls and dressing them up...hence the gigantic flower bow on Maya's head (by the way I made it). My husband reminds me daily that they aren't my dolls. Au contraire! Until they can vocalize they don't want the tutus and flower they are my little dress up dolls. I even painted their little toes this week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where did my sweet babies go?

Zander's such a good big brother!

The girls are ten months already. The baby books say you should start "disciplining" them now. Amen to that! I'm at a loss at what to do. Maya and Camille both are VERY strong put it mildly. They literally scream at me 70% of the day. I have taught them sign language, but they scream while signing. It was cute at first and jokingly said it was because they were "feisty redheads" but we're heading down a road that's not so cute. It's not a "I discovered my voice scream" it's more angry and demanding. Hopefully it's just a phase and Mommy's sweet little girls will be returning soon. Anyone with advice on "disciplining" a ten month old? Sigh. Check out this link to see the my precious twin girls at 4 months. So sweet...I just thought I had it tough then. HA! ...turn up your sound and try not to smile!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

busy, busy!

It's been pretty busy around here...imagine that! We are in the process of buying a foreclosed home. We're getting a fantastic deal, it's just a LOT more work on our part. Today was suppose to be our closing date, but no such luck. It's been pushed back until the 24th. Instead of the seller getting the house ready for us, we are getting the house ready for the inspector. Hopefully everything goes as planned and we are not wasting our time and money on this home. The bank wants us to go ahead and move into the home...there is a lean on the title and we're waiting to get it cleared. This weekend we want to start painting and cleaning. Warning: you will all be getting calls to babysit and or help paint! lol. Here is a link to the home we're buying. Needs a little TLC, but we're up for the challenge. It's actually fun deciding how to refinish the cabinets and finish the attic. I can't wait to paint the outside...I'm not into yellow houses...but we're going to wait until the fall to paint the exterior.
***sorry, took down link***

Maya and Camille are feeding themselves now...and loving it! (this is Maya)
This was at the Tulsa Home & Garden Show. The boys yelled, "The News on 6 helicopter!" when they saw it. So funny...they can't read yet, but knew exactly what it was!