Monday, April 13, 2009

Back Tracking!

OK. You all know Gavin is now 3 and still NOT potty trained. This is very frustrating to me. We went two full days without diapers last week. Did he make it to the potty once? No. He peed all over himself every time...a change of clothes and bath nearly every hour. By day three, I gave in and put a pull up on him. Since then he has gone #2 in the potty once. We had a great celebration and had M&M's...a very big deal in our house. Not an hour later I go into his room and find this:
He's sitting in his baby sister's walker with a PACIFIER in his mouth!! What is that all about?! We just had a "Potty Party" and had talked about what a "big boy" he was....this is just getting ridiculous. Has anyone gone through this? He wants to be a baby. I'm at a loss for ideas. Help! (Rebekkah- maybe this is karma because I bugged you about Jace not being potty trained by 3!)


Mariel said...

Guess what, I'm going through the same thing! My little Audrey will be three in just a few months and she is showing NO signs of potty-training interest. All the bracelets, pez dispensers, and disney figurines in the potty-prize bucket are sure fun to talk about, but not cool enough to put a poop in the toilet for. Sad. But, luckily I have some past experiences to compare her to and see that its still normal. My oldest boy was trained around 2 1/2 and has had no problems since. My almost five year old wasn't trained until a couple months after 3 years old. And, STILL he has to wear pull-ups at night because his bladder is teeny tiny and he can't wake himself up. So, I compare Audrey to him and think I'll start worrying a couple months after 3.... But, my first two became trained by using charts that I hang above the toilet with stickers. At first they get a prize and a sticker EVERY time they go. When they get a little better...they might have to get a whole row of stickers to get a prize, then a whole chart. You get my drift.

Anyway, good luck to you! Audrey will still pull the 'binky' thing too...even though she hasn't had one for a while. What a bunch of weirdos, right?

Mariel said...

also...have i given you the address to my family blog before?? i can't remember. anyway, it's

Martha said...

Judah didn't potty train till he was three, I mean I tried for almost a year but then we told him he couldn't go to school till he was potty trained because that was true and ten we told him that he wouldn't be allowed to turn three till he was potty trained and so he stopped wearing diapers on his 3rd birthday, with only a few accidents, Josiah took a lot longer or maybe it just seemed that way. Avrah just started wearing panties this week so proud of her, she went yesterday all day with no accidents.. I was haveing a lot of trouble with her and it seemed like nothing was working. Then I started takeing her every 30-45 min and sitting her on the potty and if she went she got a treat (I used candy from her easter eggs, since I don't give them candy this was a big deal)and if she didn't go we would wait another 10 min and try again. I guess she got it because now she tells me when she needs to go (some times) I still tell her to go every once in a while. It may also help to have him around some kids his age that are potty trained then you can say, so-n-so is goes pee pee on the potty don't you want to be a big boy too..or something. He'll get it when he's ready.

Rachel said...

My Xander potty trained right around 3 years old... he took to the peeing thing just fine, but the poo was hard for him! We printed off the Potty Chart on the Chuck-E-Cheese website and let him put a sticker on it each time he went poo in the potty! This seemed to work! Once the calendar was full, we took him there to play games! HE LOVED IT! We printed off a second chart to do it again the next month, but by then, the excitement of stickers wore off and pooping was just another daily habit! He hasn't had an accident since then! It WILL come for Gavin... one day!