Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is this not the cutest picture?! I'm really proud of my mad photography skills. jk. Maya loves to climb and "wrestle" with her brothers. These girls are gonna be tough!

We are finally all moved into our new home. I am completly EXHAUSTED with the packing, moving, unpacking, PLUS being a mommy to 4 little ones. A big THANK YOU to all my friends and family that helped us move and watch kids. We couldn't have done it without you!

Tonight is our 2nd night in our new place. As we were getting ready for bed, Gavin said he wanted to go home. "This is your new home now." I told him. He started crying and said he didn't like it here and wanted to go home. He's crying himself to sleep as I type. Poor little guy. It's hard being three.

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The Robins Nest said...

Your kids are SO cute! I'm glad we got to hang out yesterday. We should do it again soon. Em