Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nothing Important

my dad and the twins

I haven’t posted anything in the past couple of days…so I thought I’d better get on it!

Last night Rebekkah’s family came over for dinner. It was great visiting with them. Hannah is getting so BIG and she is absolutely beautiful. Jace and my boys had fun playing outside. Gavin went home with the Paden’s last night. (Zander has school so he couldn’t) Rebekkah said he woke up in the middle of the night crying for me. This is his first slumber party without his big brother. Poor baby.

This morning Zander and I (and the twins) went to his school’s book fair…Moms & Muffins. It was nice having that special time with Zander at his school. We sat in the library had muffins and juice, then looked at all the books. He had his own money (from his train bank). He decided on “DC Super Friends.” It was so cute seeing him pay for his own book with all his own money…a baggy full of change…he’s been “reading” it all afternoon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ladies Man

This picture is of me and my boys at Gilcrease.

Zander gets out of school at 3:35, but I get to school to pick him up at 3:15 (there is always such a long line of cars!) His class was outside at the playground when I arrived today. From my car I could see him playing. It was so cute! He was chasing the girls! It was just him and four little girls playing…I wish I could be a fly on the wall in his classroom…

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So Big!

The original reason I started this blog was so I would remember what my life is like w/ 4 small children. It’s so easy to forget the “bad” stuff. The girls are 4 months now. They use to be so tiny…easy to hold them both at the same time. But now it’s nearly impossible. They are getting so big and they wiggle so much. I use to be able to pick each up with one hand to get them out of their crib in the middle of the night. Not any more! Now Ely HAS to get up w/ me to help me. I grab one…he grabs the other. We go in the living room, sit on the couch and I nurse them both at the same time. When they’re done, we each burp one and put them back to bed. One person CAN’T do it all anymore. I wonder what it’s going to be like when they’re crowling around! I’m scared!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

music fest '08

Zander had his first program at school last night. He was so cute. Such a natural onstage…no fear…he was eating up all the attention! His class sang 5 songs. He was smack in the middle up front. Afterwords we went outside where the school had lots of games set up for the kids. (Blowup jumpers, slides, & race tracks) We ate hotdogs & icecream. There was even a dj and a band (which BTW sucked) The boys had a blast. Gavin was tearing it up on the dance floor!

Today is the QT 50 YR Anniversary Party down at the river parks. We’re gonna take the kids. JFJO is playing at 5…I’m so stoked! It will be interesting to see how it all plays out…we have to take a shuttle to the river from the fairgrounds. With 4 kids that does not sound fun to me. We’ll see!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where do babies come from?

Zander asked the BIG question yesterday. “Mom, where do babies come from?” I asked him if he remembered when Mommy had a big belly & then went to the hospital and the doctors took the twins out. He said, “Mom, I already know that. I asked you how the babies got in your tummy.” Wow. Totally caught me off guard. Mind racing to choose the right words to tell my 4 yr old, I say “well there was something really small, like a seed, inside Mommy and it grew bigger into a baby” Yeah I know, weird answer, but he totally caught me off guard. He accepted my answer and continued playing.

Well, today we were eating some bread with sesame seeds. He looked at them for a long time, then asked if he was going to have a baby in his tummy now. LOL!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Zander is in preK as you all know. Every night he has homework. Tonight he had to name 3 things that smell good & 3 things that smell bad.


  1. Flowers

  2. Soap

  3. Pie (I don’t know where he’s been smelling pie…we all know I’m not baking any!)


  1. Dirty Diapers

  2. Poop

  3. Smelly Feet

I’m so proud. The only bad smelling things I could get out of him were poop related. It took him nearly 20 min to think of smelly feet!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gavin went poopoo!

Yeah! Finally he went in the potty! I am so tired of changing his diaper. For the longest time he would tell me he had to go poop and then REFUSE to go near his potty…something else I hate. Those little potty’s are so nasty. I hate cleaning them out, but he’s scared of the big toilet. One step at a time…he’s still only 2 1/2! We just opened the last box of diapers from the twins shower, so we’ll be buying diapers for 3 in a week $$$$$ no fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zander's the Man!

I dropped Zander off at school today. Everyday he tells me that he can go in by himself…he knows the way, he’s a big boy. I was standing on the sidewalk watching him walk in and a little girl popped halfway out a passenger side window of her mothers car waved and smiled, “Hi Zander!” He grinned, grabbed his backpack straps and walked a little taller and said “Hi.” It was sooooo cute.

Another Baby!?

Zander just asked me if we could go to the hospital and buy another baby! LOL! I told him 2 is enough….he said he wants 3….

This picture is of my twins and my sisters newborn, Hannah only 2 weeks younger. Notice Camille flipping off the camera!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rockin Day

I ventured out to Target again today and I must say my kids were great. We were there for nearly and hour and a half and no meltdowns. I think Gavin finally knows what I expect out of him when we go shopping (up until a couple of weeks ago he threw a fit every time we went to target, walmart, the mall…the little guy hates to shop!) Anyway everything went well…we actually had fun.

Thanks to my sister, Rebekkah, my boys say “Rock on, dude!” and hold up the rock on sign with their hands. Well Gavin has finally mastered it as of today. He told everyone we passed at target “Rock On Dude!” A little girl, about 3 yrs old, was standing with her hands on her hips glaring at Gavin as we wheeled by in our cart. He put out his hands and said “Rock on dude girl!” I could not stop laughing all the way out to the van.

Tonight he still had it on his brain…as we were getting him ready for bed he told Ely “Rock on” (making the symbol with his fingers) then his face grew sad (his fingers all came together in the center of his hand) and said “Rock on’s gone….” Then he cheered up and said “Rock on!” then depressed he said again “Rock on’s gone” Ely, Zander and I were rolling. The funny thing was Gavin kept a straight face…he knows he’s funny…he’s our little comedian/actor.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a day!

The boys were WILD today. I wish I had a 1/3 of their energy! After we finallygot through dinner (Gavin has to be a comedian all through dinner…chewing silly & just being plain weird) we decide to take a walk to Braums to get ice cream and then to the park. On the way to the park, ice cream cone in hand, Gavin falls…but he doesn’t let go of his ice cream cone…landing on his hands….one palm flat & the other (with the cone in it) on his knuckles…his fingers bloody…but somehow he didn’t smash his cone!

On the way home from the park we walk by this man who is letting his puppy out to pee. He lets the kids pet his dog. Zander asks if the puppy will get bigger. The man said “yes, about up to your belt.”

“NO…” Zander says, “I don’t have a belt.”

OH!! I almost forgot…at braums Zander is talking to this lady…out of no where he says he wants to get married and he just needs to find him a wife! At least he’s out of his death phase!

Mommy Tips

There are a couple of things I’ve learned over the past few years that have made my life a little easier I would like to share.
-Always park by the cart corral at the store. That way you don’t have to walk away from your kiddos to put it up.
-If you have to breastfeed your twins (or singleton) in a restaurant always start with the side you write with. That way by the time your food comes you will have you “good” free hand to eat with or cut up your other children’s food.
-Always have distractions in your diaper bag for the older kids. Some times if I’m in public by myself with all four kids I have to have to attend to the babies. (Like nursing, burping, and changing diapers) A two and four year old can only be patient for so long. Have activities or special toys in your bag. For example a travel size echasketch, crackers, a play camera or phone…anything different then what they usually play with.
More later…Maya’s up…

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-K Funny Man

Everyday Zander cracks me up. I don’t know where he comes up with half the things he says. Today he was sitting up at the bar in our kitchen drinking his milk out of a coffee cup…telling me that e drinks his coffee black because he is a man…then he says “mom…Papa’s my life.” Trying not to smile I ask him what he means. He said “Well, I tried to find a lady to marry me, but no one will…so Papa will be my life.”

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I ventured to Target with all 4 kids in tow…and I survived. Only minor set backs…had to bribe with Starbucks (kids got a vanilla milk & me a coffee). Anyway, the boys set in the cart and Maya in her carseat and I wore Camille in my Baby K’Tan wrap (which I LOVE and highly recommend it to ANY mother who has more than one kid…I can actually nurse with no hands and push a cart at the same time!) I had my list in hand and did it!

I had The Young & the Restless on during lunch (thanks grandma for getting me hooked) Nicki and Victor were fighting about something then went to commercial…Gavin (age 2) said “Victor’s mean.” It’s so funny, he’s never “watched it” before but he knows the characters! LOL!