Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where do babies come from?

Zander asked the BIG question yesterday. “Mom, where do babies come from?” I asked him if he remembered when Mommy had a big belly & then went to the hospital and the doctors took the twins out. He said, “Mom, I already know that. I asked you how the babies got in your tummy.” Wow. Totally caught me off guard. Mind racing to choose the right words to tell my 4 yr old, I say “well there was something really small, like a seed, inside Mommy and it grew bigger into a baby” Yeah I know, weird answer, but he totally caught me off guard. He accepted my answer and continued playing.

Well, today we were eating some bread with sesame seeds. He looked at them for a long time, then asked if he was going to have a baby in his tummy now. LOL!

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