Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rockin Day

I ventured out to Target again today and I must say my kids were great. We were there for nearly and hour and a half and no meltdowns. I think Gavin finally knows what I expect out of him when we go shopping (up until a couple of weeks ago he threw a fit every time we went to target, walmart, the mall…the little guy hates to shop!) Anyway everything went well…we actually had fun.

Thanks to my sister, Rebekkah, my boys say “Rock on, dude!” and hold up the rock on sign with their hands. Well Gavin has finally mastered it as of today. He told everyone we passed at target “Rock On Dude!” A little girl, about 3 yrs old, was standing with her hands on her hips glaring at Gavin as we wheeled by in our cart. He put out his hands and said “Rock on dude girl!” I could not stop laughing all the way out to the van.

Tonight he still had it on his brain…as we were getting him ready for bed he told Ely “Rock on” (making the symbol with his fingers) then his face grew sad (his fingers all came together in the center of his hand) and said “Rock on’s gone….” Then he cheered up and said “Rock on!” then depressed he said again “Rock on’s gone” Ely, Zander and I were rolling. The funny thing was Gavin kept a straight face…he knows he’s funny…he’s our little comedian/actor.

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