Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I ventured to Target with all 4 kids in tow…and I survived. Only minor set backs…had to bribe with Starbucks (kids got a vanilla milk & me a coffee). Anyway, the boys set in the cart and Maya in her carseat and I wore Camille in my Baby K’Tan wrap (which I LOVE and highly recommend it to ANY mother who has more than one kid…I can actually nurse with no hands and push a cart at the same time!) I had my list in hand and did it!

I had The Young & the Restless on during lunch (thanks grandma for getting me hooked) Nicki and Victor were fighting about something then went to commercial…Gavin (age 2) said “Victor’s mean.” It’s so funny, he’s never “watched it” before but he knows the characters! LOL!

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