Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Samaritan

I have the most amazing story to tell.  I was at walmart on day and struck up a conversation with a complete stranger in the baking aisle.  Eventually we parted ways.  The remainder of my trip was hetic to say the least.  The girls were in rare form.....pretty much evil....they would take off their shoes and socks and throw them out of the cart.  They were hitting one another and bickering non-stop.  I was almost in tears from their uncontrollable behavior.  It was not a smooth shopping trip to say the least. 

As I was about to leave the woman I spoke to earlier came up to me, handed me an envelope, and said "I hope you have a very merry Christmas." 

I blurted out a confused "thank you" as she walked off.  

I opened it.  Inside was a Christmas card with TWO $50 bills!! 

Immediately, I burst into tears and chased after her.  Once I caught up to her I hugged her neck and thanked her.  I was so grateful and shocked by the whole thing. 

The day before we were down to only $2 in our checking account.  My hard working husband was paid the day I went shopping and met the generous stranger, but still, money was more then a little tight.  We wondered how we were going to buy a Christmas tree with the morgage coming up. 

So here are the picures of my beautiful children decorating our beautiful tree all thanks to a beautiful stranger.

I am looking forward to the day when I am at a place in my life where I can financially "pay it forward" to a complete stranger like this lady did to me and my famliy. 

Have YOU ever been on the recieving end or giving end of something like this??  What happened??


Yes, I realize that it is 5 days until Christmas and I am just now getting to post Thanksgiving picture.  The 2010 official worst blogger award goes to yours truly.  *sigh*  Honestly, I just don't have it in me lately.  Hopefully I can get in the grove again soon....

Without further adu, the much anticipated Thanksgiving photos....well, a couple of them anyway....

Gavin, Zander and Jace enjoying what they refer to as "the feast!"

There we all are. 

The 2 amigas, hamming it up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sun vs. Son

My husband and I are raising our children without a "religion".  We believe they are to young to understand and don't want to condition their little minds.  Our goal is to let them decide for themself when they reach an age of maturity.  Instead we focus on teaching them love, compassion, and discipline.  With that said, Zander is the only 6 year old I know that can point out a picture of Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna....and tell you about all three.  I'm not saying this to boast or condemn anyone or their personal beliefs....just giving you a little background inside our family for this very funny story.....

My conversation with Zander (age 6) as we were cleaning my room.

Zander:  Mom, next Thanksgiving I'm going to be thankful for Jesus.

Me:  Great.  Why do you say that? 

Zander:  I love playing outside.

Me:  Huh?  I don't understand.

Zander:  I love playing outside.  Jesus is the god of the sun you know.