Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Day

I lOVE this beautiful fall weather we have been having! 

Today the girls and I went to Hunter park to feed the ducks. 

Camille and Maya

Stopping to smell the flowers along the way.  As parents we are supose to teach our children about life....but mine are teaching me what life is really all about. 

Maya laid like this for a good ten minutes.  I had no choice but to put down the camera and join her.

"Look Mama!  A SQUIRL!"  ~Camille

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tiger Cub

Zander is a Tiger Cub in Boy Scouts.  He lOVES it....especially the uniform.  So handsome.

Showing off the boy scout sign. 

I love this little man.  Anyone want to buy some popcorn?  It's his boy scout fund raiser.  Apparently the kernels are made of gold because it's so darn expensive.  I feel guilty asking friends and family to buy from him!  Thanks to 3 people (Jay, Jacque, & Memaw!) Zander has already gone well over the $125 mark and will receive a swiss army knife.  (3 sales, $160, told you it must be made of gold!) 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picky Eaters

My girls have taken "picky eater" to a whole new level.  This is totally new territory for me.  The boys ate everything I put in front of them.  If they didn't like it....well, tough cookies.  Eat it anyway or starve.  I didn't play that game. 

Not sure what really changed.  Maybe with the more children I have the more relaxed and laid back I get?  Or is it they are girls and I'm more lenient with them?  What ever it is, they don't eat if they don't want to.  If it's new or different....not interested. 

This is how Maya eats her toast.  Yeah, most kids don't want the crust, I get it.....but only the top layer of the toast....that's just crazy! 


In efforts to get the girls to eat more I have been trying to include them in the cooking. 


We made pizzas the other night.  Kids love pizza, right?

They had so much fun making them. 

My plan didn't work.  Maya still would not even try the pizza.  She picked at the cheese a little, but only drank her milk.  Hoping this phase will end, but have a feeling it's just her personality.  Oh well.  Thank heavens for smoothies....I think that is her only form of nutrition (which I sneak all kinds of veggies in!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tall Tales

Today Camille told a whopper, and she's only two!  I'm talking bold face lie here!

I walk into the kitchen where she had halfway climbed the bar stool and with a sharpie started to write on some important papers I had laying on the counter top. 

"Camille!  No, no!"  I scolded.  Then I realized that she just wanted to draw and told her ask Momma for the crayons. 

"I didn't do it Momma.  Obi did it.  No, no Obi!  No draw on Mamma paper!" she scolded the poor dog. 

Sunday Funday

Ely was promoted to construction manager at work.  I am so proud of him....but that means more work.  And crazy hours.  We miss him around here.  My sister Jacque and her boyfriend Kevin took me and the kiddos out last Sunday.  It was so much fun!

We met up at Queenie's in Utica Square for lunch.  It was a beautiful day. 

After lunch we headed over to the Philbrook Museum for the last day of the Egyptian exhibit. 

I decided to let the girls walk instead of ride in the stroller.  They had a great time learning boundaries.  ;)

Just FYI, my children have the loudest voices.  Inside voices do not exist.

After looking at all (some) of the art we headed outside to my second favorite Tulsa garden. 

He's growing up so fast.


No trip to the museum is complete before you put your head inside the hippo made of car bumpers.


After our long day "uncle" Keven treated us to ice cream!

Thank you Dooky and Kevin for a great day!  We love you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fat Man

It's almost my favorite holiday.....HALLOWEEN! 

I figure this is the last year I will be able to pick out the girls costumes, so I better make them good.  I am stumped on ideas....anyone have any??

Zander wants to be a super hero.  Not any ol' super hero, he made up his own.  It's his Incredible Hulk muscle costume under his Red Power Ranger costume.  He came down stairs the other day in his get up....it was horrible!  The Power Ranger costume is 2 year old and has been in many of battles.  I would throw it out, but they love it so much, I haven't the heart.  He's still trying to come up with a name.  In the mean time, I am trying to talk him out of this horrible idea of his.  I just had a great idea, Astro Boy!  He loves that movie and it would be super easy and fun....I can't wait 'till morning to ask him what he thinks.

As for Gavin, well, he thought his brother's idea of layering the dress up clothes was brilliant. 

"What are you suppose to be Gavin?"  I asked.

"A fat man!" 

I tried not to laugh, but it was hilarious.  I told him no, he whined and begged but I stood firm.  Can you imagine the looks and stares we would get walking down Brookside at Boo Ha Ha.  Yeah, my son is a fat man...??? 

Oh, but the story gets worse and even more politically incorrect.  My 4 year old then said, "Fine.  I'll just be a man with a giant penis for halloween." 

I about had a heart attack. 

Labor Day Weekend

Over labor day weekend we took the family over to Greenleaf State Park.  It was the first time we took the kids camping. 

Here was our home for the weekend.  We had a great little spot right on the lake.  The boys had a BLAST! 

The twins....well....not so much.  They were a off their schedule and did not appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.  Instead they (Maya) screamed every time a fly got near her.  She hated all bugs and anything that resembled a bug....even grass clippings.  The poor baby got stung by a bee, which just proves to her that she should fear all bugs.  She kept asking to go home and wanted to watch Care Bears. 

Ely took the boys fishing several times a day.  They caught lots of little fish but nothing worth keeping to cook for dinner.
Gavin keeps asking when we're going back.  He absolutely belongs outside. 

There is just something about a fire that hypnotizes you.

Even the most wild children.

Zander fishing off the docks.

Camille being extra "cheesy"

Ok.  For those of you who can't tell the twins apart.  Maya's the one who did not like camping.

Gavin caught his first fish....but I wasn't there to witness =(

I spent most of my days at the playground with these two.

It was definitely a lot of work camping with four young children (esp 2 girly girls!) but we can't wait to go back.  Hopefully this spring the girls will be a little older and more easy going.....one can dream right?