Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picky Eaters

My girls have taken "picky eater" to a whole new level.  This is totally new territory for me.  The boys ate everything I put in front of them.  If they didn't like it....well, tough cookies.  Eat it anyway or starve.  I didn't play that game. 

Not sure what really changed.  Maybe with the more children I have the more relaxed and laid back I get?  Or is it they are girls and I'm more lenient with them?  What ever it is, they don't eat if they don't want to.  If it's new or different....not interested. 

This is how Maya eats her toast.  Yeah, most kids don't want the crust, I get it.....but only the top layer of the toast....that's just crazy! 


In efforts to get the girls to eat more I have been trying to include them in the cooking. 


We made pizzas the other night.  Kids love pizza, right?

They had so much fun making them. 

My plan didn't work.  Maya still would not even try the pizza.  She picked at the cheese a little, but only drank her milk.  Hoping this phase will end, but have a feeling it's just her personality.  Oh well.  Thank heavens for smoothies....I think that is her only form of nutrition (which I sneak all kinds of veggies in!)

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