Monday, April 27, 2009

"I didn't WANT to step in the mudd, Momma!"

This morning it is muddy and overcast. Gavin really wanted to go outside. I told him to stay on the back patio and NOT TO GO INTO THE MUD! I should have known the temptation was to strong for my 3 year old. Next thing I know Gavin is no where to be seen. I call for him, he comes from around the side of the house...muddy.
"Why are you off the deck Gavin?"
"I didn't WANT to step in the mud Momma! I had to go get this rolly poly." He opened his little dirty hand and showed me about 8 little bugs in his palm. Well as long as you didn't WANT TO. I tried not to smile, and made him come in and wash up.

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Heather said...

HA! Anytime I ask my 3 year old to NOT do something, it practically guarantees that she does it. They are really something else at that age, aren't they? But then they say the cutest thing, like yours did, and you can't help but laugh. Good luck!

Heather/ 3 under 3