Sunday, October 12, 2008


Camille listening to her daddy jam

So it’s 5am…everyone is asleep but me…I am wide awake and totally freaked out!
At 4:30 am Camille started crying so I got up to nurse her. As I walked into the living room I noticed the front door open about 4 inches! I ran and shut the door, locked it and ran back to my room and woke Ely. We checked all the kids…safe in bed…then Ely looked around the house. I’M POSSITIVE I LOCKED THE FRONT DOOR!!! I always lock the door…I’m paranoid about it…I usually triple check…

Ely concludes that Zander must have been sleepwalking. This is almost as disturbing as an intruder…well not really…but my 4 yr old wandering off into the night!? We’re going to have to get a chain lock on our front door.

My mind is racing….there is no way I can go back to sleep…might as well start cleaning my house.

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