Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living in the moment

Camille was so tiny she was dressed in a build a bear outfit!

This post isn’t about funny things the kids did…instead it’s inspired by an episode of Oprah I watched today. In short, it was about a busy working mother of two who accidentally left her two year old daughter in the car for eight hours. My first reaction was how could anyone EVER do that! That could never happen to me!

But as I listened to the grieving mother’s horrible story I realized how how “easy” something like this could occur. The toddlers father usually took the girls to preschool but he had a dentist appointment one morning…so the mother was suppose to. She dropped off her older daughter…but it was still to early to drop off her two year old…so stopped to buy doughnuts for her coworkers. Instinctively, she drove to work and proceeded with her day. Eight hours later her daughter was found by a fellow teacher. The baby’s skin was peeling off and foam coming out of her mouth. The mother just held her daughter’s limp body running through the parking lot screaming. I thought how could a “good mother” do this? How could she live with herself? My heart goes out to her…

How many times have I driven home, pulled in my driveway and couldn’t remember the drive home? The other day I accidentally left one of the twins on the front porch after coming in from picking Zander up from school. (only for about 3 minutes!) A few months ago I left all my groceries at reasors!

As a mother of four young children my life is BUSY 24/7…it’s so easy to forget things…especaily if you get off your routine! As mothers we need to STOP and take control of our lives. I know all day I am multitasking…while I’m giving the boys a bath I’m cleaning the toilet. I’m unloading the dishwasher, breastfeeding and helping Zander with his homework all at the same time.
We need to SLOW DOWN!!! This show was a major wake up call…

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