Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa Clause is like God?!

This Christmas was, by far, the best Christmas we've ever had. The kids are at that age where it is very magical. I have to be careful with my words though. Zander is a very smart little boy. He has lots of questions and remembers EVERYTHING. If I lied to him he would definitely remember. He straight up asked me if their was really such thing as Santa Clause. The idea of a man making all those toys and delivering all over the world in a flying sled is a little far fetched for him. I could tell he wanted to believe, but he has such a "old soul" and can be very mature and logical.
I had no time to prepare and was really put on the spot. Here was my reply:
You can believe in whatever you want Zander. Remember how I told you that there are different religions? That some people believe in God, Buddha, Jesus or Allah? And others believe in nothing? Well, it's kinda like that. Some people don't believe in Santa Clause.

Yeah, I know. Not my best work. Now Santa is in the same category as God, but I paniced and that's what I said. I just wasn't ready to squash his imagination and dreams. He's only five!

He seemed to accept my answer though. After listening to my ridiculous speech he said, "Oh, ok. Well, I believe."


Tasha said...

Well, hey, I think you did a good job. I would have said something completely baseless and dumb - what you said was actually insightful and creative. So, up goes the YAY flag!

Elisabeth said...

I think you did a great job, too!!

I hope if/when H2 asks about that I'll be so quick in my thinking.


Darla said...

I think that is great! I had never thought twice about Santa Clause, but this year I started questioning how I will approach Santa stories next year! Good thing the boys are too young to get it this year - gives me a little more time to think on it!

Jacqueline said...

Yeah,good job on the whole God/Santa thing but I'm more focused on the fact that Gavin is as big or bigger than Zander! He's huge! And watching Gavin completely not comprehending the concept of writing a letter to Santa was hilarious! Gosh, I love those kids.

A.W. said...

I had a little more time to think about, but I told K (also 5) that Santa was another name people use for God, that he is the Spirit of Christmas in us all. Now she thinks it's really cool that there are sooo many Santas! I think she still kind of believes in him anyway, which is great! She is after all a kid with a great imagination!

Good job!