Friday, February 26, 2010

Horrible Awakening

OK.  Here's the scene. 


Blindly walking towards the bathroom without my glasses in the dark.  Turn on the bathroom light.  The bright light blinds me.  I sit and then FALL.  Into. The. Toilet. 

Seriously?  Why can't a guy put the seat down? 


Which one of these cuties is the guilty party?

This is a new thing in my house.  Ely (I know you read this, so if you want me to stop writing about your dirty little habbits then maybe you should fix them!!) never use to leave the seat up.  In fact, I was always impressed that he had manners.  I chalked it up to him having 4 sisters.  Alas, he has become lazy and no longer tries to impress me with his knowledge of bathroom etiquette.

He may become defensive and blame on one of his boys.  We may never know who made mom fall into the toilet.  But one thing is for certain.....I will never forget to look before I sit.


Man of the West said...

I thought all moms warned their daughters about this.

Ely DesJardins said...

It wasn't me!

Heather said...

LOL, I used to fall into the toilet all the time when I was a kid. I can remember being three or four and the cold water hitting my bum! Blame it on my older brother. :o)

suburban hippie mama said...

Man of the West~ growing up w/ only sisters this was never an issue! haha!

Ely~ yeah right!

Heather~ lol!! boys.