Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twin Troubles

If you came here for a funny story....not happening. There is nothing cute going on in my house this week. Instead the kids have been overly obnoxious (writing on faces with sharpies, Gavin of course) and the girls have been sick.

The twins, almost 21 months, have been separated at night since they were about 7 months old. The reason we did this was because they were starting to wake one another up. When we put them in different cribs, set up beside one another, the problem ceased and they were sleeping through the night once again.

OK, fast forward to the present time. I was putting the girls to bed the other night and Maya started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she stood up and reached her arms out saying "Sissy!"

It was so sweet. I laid her down next to her sister and they slept all night and actually slept in later than normal...8 AM!! (Usually up by 7, so this was amazing)

The girls have continued sleeping together at night. Unfortunately sleeping in until 8am was a one time thing.

Camille, the bitee

Nap time is a different story. Which brings me to a new problem we are facing......BITING! Ugh. My boys never really bit each other...well, not like this anyway.

SOOOO...I put them down for naps in the same crib. They had their little baby dolls and were playing....and then fighting....which, of course, led to biting. I had no clue at this point, I just heard screaming and crying....which I separated and they went to sleep.

Maya, the biter

I didn't notice until baths that night. Let me tell was BAD! Poor little Camille had FOUR bite marks!

Any biting advice out there? Especially when you aren't around to see it? And if your going to tell me to bite my kid back, save it. Not going to happen.


Martha said...

I am interested to see what people say as that is one of the big issues of my boys sleeping together, luckily though it seems that they have made the bed a peace zone for the most part, although we do see new bites on Micah almost nightly. At least you are not alone!

Kris10 said...

get the book 'teeth are NOT for biting'
o and c REALLY started to get it after reading this book several times. we own the WHOLE series:)
olive now recites the books when anyone is misbehaving...she's turned in to quite the marter:)
hang in there!