Saturday, March 27, 2010

Identical Twins

When the girls look at themselves in the mirror they say "Sissy!" or the other twins name. It's so cute. This has been going on for a few months now and I think they finally get that they look like one another.

I've always wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin. When I was younger I even wished I was one. I went as far to even make up this horrible story. It was a dark and stormy night and we were trying to scare my youngest sister Rebekkah...poor girl, it's a wonder she's not in therapy now. I was eleven and she was only five. I told her I had an identical twin sister, but she died long ago. Her name was Michelle. I even had a picture of myself standing by a mirror to prove this tall tale. I also told her not to mention it to Dad because he got really upset when he thought about his long lost daughter. Nice job covering my tracks, huh?

Oh, it gets worse.

I told Rebekkah that "Michelle's" ghost would come back and take over my body when it was a full moon....and yes, it just so happened to be a full moon the night I told her this story. Michelle was angry. Angry at the sisters who were still alive.

It was straight out of a Steven King novel. I fell onto the floor and started to have convulsions. Rebekkah came to check on me...only now I was Michelle. Don-don-don. <----that's my spooky music.
Me & Rebekkah...she looks like she has forgiven me, right?
Not my proudest big sister moment. I blame my actions on a combination of being from a broken home and a very dramatic child. *sigh* Not to mention I have an evil streak.
Sooo, my question to my readers....this is normal sibling behavior right? (please say yes) What mean things went on in YOUR house when you were a kid? I want to hear something juicy.


Martha said...

I would have never guessed you have an evil streak. I was the youngest so all the pranks got pulled on me.

Elisabeth said...

hahahahah! I am cracking up!

I always wished I was a twin...and wished that I would have twins! They fascinate me. =)

I love that your girls think they are each other...what a sweet thing.

As for torturing younger siblings...I'm sure I did my fair share....I remember purposefully making this face at my sister...for some silly reason it freaked her out (and FYI it was NOT scary) I did it over and over and over and over and over again.

That is what big sisters are for. =)

suburban hippie mama said...

I'm so glad you haven't noticed Martha! I keep it reserved for pranks! April fools coming up so WATCH OUT!! lol

Elisabeth~ I think we made them stronger! =)

Brenda Collins said...

I used to desperately want a sister. I would make my brother, Brandon, wear dresses, tights, and hats so that he would be the sister I never had. Not very nice at all. I pray Lexi is not as cruel to her brothers.

The Robins Nest said...

LOVE your story! My older brother Garrett and I would play "tumble weed" with my younger brother. We would wrap him up in blankets, tie jump ropes around him...then push him down the stairs. Get it...tumble weed?? We convinced him that it was fun. I don't think that there was any lasting damage b/c our younger brother turned out WAY smarter than us.

TwinMomMichelle said...

Oh, my! Maybe you were MY twin separated at birth. I used to do almost the exact same thing to my brother. I told him I had an evil twin sister that would go in his room and flip his light switch off (he was afraid of the dark). When he would come yell at me I would be sitting in my room reading a book. I also told him that we had a ghost that lived in the house.

suburban hippie mama said...

haha! LOVE the stories!!
brenda~ do you remember making your little brother and my little sister go on "dates" in the garage?? didn't we make them eat nasty stuff at our restaurant??

Beth said...

My older sister and I tried to convince our little sister she was adopted. We found a picture of her sitting in a suitcase at Christmas time and wrote a letter to her from her "real" mother. We put it in the mailbox with a stamp on it and everything! I still don't think she's completely forgiven us..she'll mention it every few years!

Brenda Collins said...

oh my gosh dada! yes we did make them eat nasty creations. oh, those poor kids!

Brenda Collins said...

dana...sorry. i do know how to spell your name