Thursday, March 11, 2010

US vs. France

This is the sign on the boys door to their room.  "NO BaB"  (no babies)
Last week I had a GREAT find at The Salvation Army....a $14 Thomas The Train Table!!  The boys have been having a blast playing with it.  Funny thing is, it's just the table.  Not all the trains, tracks, and bridges that some of their friends have. 

Just a table.

But according to them they have made it a country.  France to be exact.  The throw carpet in their room is the USA...everything in between is the ocean of course. 
They have set up a very elaborate stage.  Sadly the US and France are in war right now....and French are wooping butt.  Honestly, I don't think America has a chance.  The French army consists of Jedi's, dinosaurs, and Batman. 

Gavin's 4th birthday is next week and I thought about getting him a train set.  But why?  I love going into their room and seeing what their little minds have created.  They seem to be having fun without it!  Pure joy and imagination. 


Martha said...

very nice!

Darla said...

Such imagination! I have so many ideas for just the table too - I don't even care about the train stuff!

Rachel said...

So very cool!

Elisabeth said...

That is awesome!

I love when kids actually USE their's sad these days - so many kids just sit in front of TV/Video Games/Computers (LOL as I sit at my computer!) and never really explore that.

We love watching our kids pretend!

Erynn said...

So cute! What inventive boys.