Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Volcano Beast (and other disasters)

I was doing laundry today and the girls were "helping" me.  I sent them upstairs, each with a pair of boys underwear in hand to put up.  Time went by and I went on folding laundry downstairs.  I figured they got distracted with Lego's or something else forbidden by their brothers if they were home from school.  I should have known the trouble those two mess makers could get into in only 15 minutes!

When I finally got around to checking on them I found every single article of clothing my two boys own on the thoughtful of them not to throw it on the floor, right? 

I walked in the room and squealed in horror.  They looked up at me proud and said "We're doing laundry Mama!" 

Yes, those are flower print sheets on my son's bed.  When you wet the bed at 3 AM, well, you get what you get and don't throw a fit. 

In other household news, Zander is studying space in school.  He had to create an Alien and write a report.  He loved this assignment!  He got into my recycle box and made his creature out of 4 paper towel tubes, an egg crate, and a raisin container.  Then he added a little paint, a lot of duct tape, and the top of a pineapple and I present to you...


A few facts about his alien, which he presented in front of his class:
  • The Volcano Beast is from Venus.
  • He is 18 years old.
  • When living on Venus the Volcano Beast usually got hit by lava.
  • He likes to eat lava and bad guys.  (Hints the bad guy wrapped in his tail.)
  • He likes to dig for fun.
  • Zander hopes that one day his alien will teach him to breath fire.
  • In return, Zander hopes to teach his alien friend how not to eat people. 

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Nesser said...

Fun post. The laundry thing happens at my house all the time. But the boys throw clean clothes on the floor when they are picking what to wear. Very diva-ish. At least yours are little and thought they were helping!