Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Zander came down the stairs this morning and snuggled up to me in our lazyboy. He sat there for awhile, quiet. Then he got very excited. Our conversation went like this:
Momma, do you know who makes shoes?

These little, tiny guys. I mean small. Like this big (he shows me how big with his fingers). They have this metal and they make shoes. Did you know that?

Hmmm...Did you have a dream?

No mom. This is true. Little tiny men make shoes out of metal. My teacher read me a book about it in school. Well, did you know that they are really hard to see because they are so fast?


Yeah, but guess what? I caught one! Can you believe it? I'm really patient and fast and I just caught it, like this (swoops his hand into a fist).

This is the first dream that he has told me with such detail and enthusiasm. It was so cute. I was glad Ely was there to witness this...he's been working so much...

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