Monday, July 20, 2009

Jedi Training Academy

I can't believe my oldest baby is turning 5 next week! We're going out of town on his actual birthday so decided to throw him an early birthday party. It was SO much fun!

Friday night his cousin, Jace, spent the night. We decorated the second floor with xmas know, for a star wars atmosphere...the boys thought it was AMAZING. They watched Clone Wars, ate popcorn and got to stay up late....after all, they're big boys now.
Saturday morning at 9AM was the party. It's been so HOT here that I scheduled it early. We had green and black pancakes (think yoda & darth vader) with a buffet of topping...strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, srinkles and whip cream! The kids thought it was pretty cool decorating their pancakes by themselves.

After breakfast we started the Jedi Training Academy. All our little Padawans (that's a Jedi learning the ways of the force for all you non-Star Wars fans out there) were given a light sabor and told to go to each center. At each post there was a different activity to complete. A Jedi must learn to trust all his senses, so they had to guess the sound, smell and taste of differnt objects. Lastly they were blindfolded and had to " feel" the pinata, using the force, of course.

The cherry on top was while the kids were finishing up their cupcakes the evil jedi, Darth Vader made an apperance. All the little Padawans grabbed their lightsabers and attacked him. It was great...but Avrah, the only little girl at the party and is 2, was terrified! Poor baby! But the boys finally defeated Darth Vader and unmasked him, revealing it was only Ely.
Zander had such a memerable birthday. Thank you to all that came and celebrated with us. I'll post a video of the "fight" when I have more time. Happy Birthday Zander! Mommy loves you!


Jessica said...

Dana...what a fun party! Love the creativity. I've enjoyed reading your blog since you posted a link on Facebook.

Martha said...

It was a great party, all the kids had a blast! The lightsabers are a still a big hit in our pun intended..Also thanks for all the green poopie diapers :)..I'm sure you got some of those too..

suburban hippie mama said...

Jessica~ thanks! and I'm glad you enjoy it.

Martha~I'm so glad you guys came! and yes, our diapers are HORRIBLE here!! Who would of thought green food coloring would change your poop for a week?!?