Monday, November 22, 2010

your guide to surviving the carpool lane

Today my kids and I nearly witnessed a fist fight between two dads in the drop off and carpool lane at their elementary school because one was "doing it wrong".  It's serious business people.  Especially if you're running late on a Monday morning.

Pick Up & Drop Off Survival Guide

1.  There is only a 15 minute window when children can be dropped off before school.  If you arrive in the first 5 minutes you should be fine.  The other parents are more forgiving if your child gets his coat shut in the door (Gavin!) and they have to wait an extra 30 seconds.  If you arrive 5 minutes until the bell rings you will most likely hear honks and/or get flipped the bird.

2.  When you pull into the school parking lot order your children to unbuckle and put their backpacks on.  Every second counts!  Have them stand and file in a single line on the right side of the minivan, ready to jump out when the door opens.  Be sure to say your "I love yous" and "Have a good day's" while you are still in the line of vehicles.  Once you are in the zone you will have no time for all that.  Multi-task people. 

3.  When you finally make it to the front of the line and put your car into park have your kids hop out quickly.   No parents under any circumstance is allowed out of the vehicle in the drop off lane!  What?  Your kindergartner is having trouble with their 5 point harness car seat?  Well, my friend, you need to park your car a block from the school and walk your child in.....other wise you are running risk of being an outcast at the PTA.....just sayin'. 

Bonus Tip:  Run drills and practice all summer long.  ;) 

What's your pet peeve in the drop off lane at school? 


Martha said...

I hate the pickup and drop off lane. I get around it, by having the kids say they are walkers, even if I am picking them up, then I pick them up around back, or somewhere else that they can walk to and I can pick them up and totally avoid the lines, not sure why more parents don't do this. :) But then again usually mine walk to and from.

Jen said...

That was very funny, Dana! I cheat at Syriah's school. I pull up at the curb next to the carpool lane and drop her off there. That line is way too long when we arrive one minute before school starts!