Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Potty Training Time!

Wearing Memaw's glasses

Gavin will be turning 3 in less then 3 weeks. Up to this point he has wanted nothing to do with potty training. In fact, his pediatrician advised us NOT to start potty training him until we got his "bowel issues" resolved. He would hold it in for days and become incredably constipated, then when he finally did go it would hurt him. That just made him want to hold it in all the more...poor baby was scared it would hurt. We changed his diet, cutting out a lot of dairy and adding LOTS of fruits and veggies and foods high in fiber. On top of all that, we are giving him fiber supplements. Thankfully all this has worked and his fear of going "poo-poo" is a thing of the past.
Today Gavin came into the living room naked and headed to the basket where I keep his diapers.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I changing my diaper Mama. All by myself!"
Ummm....when a kid starts changing his own diaper do you think he's ready to be potty trained? ~LOL~
He had gone to the bathroom and taken off his poopy diaper and put it into the bathroom trash. Yeah, it was gross...but I'll spare the gory details...

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Rachel said...

That's too funny! When Xander was about to this point... right around 3 years old, he was on the diaper table and took off his diaper before I could get to him... it was poopy! Next thing I knew, the poo fell off the diaper and on his face.... it was disgusting... but hilarious!!!!