Saturday, March 14, 2009

Perfect Rose of the Gardens

The last two posts have been about Maya, so I felt obligated to write a little something about Camille. Funny how that works. I can be playing with one twin, tickling and blowing raspberries, and I have to do it to the other. Can't have one feeling left out.
Camille Rose DesJardins. Our last name is French meaning "of the gardens." Camille means "perfect" in she is our Perfect Rose of the Gardens.

From day one she has had an adventurer spirit. She's always been smaller then her identical twin sister...but you can't tell her that! She has hit every "milestone" first. Sitting up, crawling, pulling up...and the latest, standing unassisted. She is only 9 months old but is passing from the coffee table to couch like a pro.

Camille is super picky already! Unlike her sister, who will eat anything on a spoon, Camille has a flair for the dramatics and will gag, refuse to open her mouth, or spit food all over you if she doesn't want to eat it. It can be quite frustrating, but she knows what she wants...and usually gets it!

I'm excited to watch her grow up. With her determination, aggressiveness and beautiful spirit I am certain she will succeed at anything she wants to do.

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Martha said...

We should get the kids together again soon..whenever you feel up to it again.