Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where's Gavin?!

SIGH...that was a big sigh. My soon to be three year old, Gavin, is CRAZY! I hate to compare my children...but he is SO different than his older brother, Zander. Zander has followed the rules and doesn't test the boundaries...much. But Gavin is a different story...

The other day it was to quiet in the house. Where was Gavin? After several minutes of searching (not to worried, his favorite thing to do is hide) I hear something in the garage. I go out to see if it is him, yup. He was "fixing something" with his daddy's tools. I told him that was BIG no-no and the garage was off limits.

A couple days ago the weather was beautiful. The boys were in the back yard playing. I had the back door open, so I could hear the boys while I was in the living room with the girls. Ely came into the room asking, "Why's Gavin in the van?"

He had opened the gate in the back yard, walked around the house, opened the back of the van and crawled in the drivers seat. He had a set of keys in the ignition and said he was going to go somewhere. Thanks Aunt Duque for letting him sit on your lap to back out of the driveway...now he thinks he can drive!

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