Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Day of School!

Zander started kindergarden today! My baby is growing up....sniff, sniff...

You know Zander had to make a fashion statement for the first day of school. He has been planning it for joke. He seriously changed his mind 4 times! This is what he fianlly decided on. And I must say, he was stylin'! He stood in front of the mirror this morning, sporting his new mohawk, and said "When I walk in that school everyone is going to say, WOW! A rockstar goes to this school! " Yeah, my boy has no confidence issues...if anything he could scale it down a bit...

When he got home from school, I asked how his day was. He loves everything about school and told me everything in great detail what went on today. (A big improvement from last year, when he was wouldn't tell me what they did in school) He did get mad at me's our conversation:

Me: So what else did you do today?

Zander: Well, I farted. Twice.

Me: laugh You did?

Zander: Why are you laughing? Farts aren't funny!!

Me: Well, everybody farts Zander. It's not a big deal. Sometimes people laugh at farts. Did other kids laugh today?

Zander: Yeah.

Me: Next time that happens, join them. Laugh with them. It's not a big deal.

Zander: Okay.


Rachel said...

Cute and Hilarious all at once!

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suburban hippie mama said...

awwww...thanks ladies!!