Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to keep my little ones entertained. Here's a fun and free way to break their boredom and let them use their imaginations.

Let them play with trash. I'm not suggesting you throw your kids in a dumpster, even though I have thought about it....I kid, I kid.

Save your used food containers for a couple of weeks...boxed cereals, yogurt and milk cartons, egg crates, etc. I tape the ends of the cardboard to make them sturdier and put them in a large box in the garage. Then when you have a day when the the kids don't want to go outside, or play with their toys and they just keep pestering each other bring them in!

Me and the boys like to play grocery store with them. It's a great opportunity to teach them age appropriate math. Gavin and I count the items he's purchasing. Zander always wants to be the cashier, so we're introducing addition and coin money to him.

If the girls are awake, they "mess everything up" according to Zander. The twins love to take everything out of the box (aka shopping cart) and put them all back in. Who would of thought playing with trash could be so much fun? Zander, my very imaginative 5 yr old, built a city of towers so the giant baby monsters could knock them down....it was so cute, they growled and everything!

Seriously, last weeks garbage has kept my kids busy for going on 3 hours today. The 3 youngest are down for a nap and Zander is making a "space station" out of them for his Star Wars action figures.

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Darla said...

We love "playing with garbage" at our house too! The boys fight over our empty containers more than their actual toys!