Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irish Mafia

I took the 3 youngest to the mall today after we dropped Zander off at school. Thought we'd play at the indoor playground before it got to busy. The first 30 minutes or so were very pleasant. Only a few other children were there.

Don't be fooled by these sweet faces, Camille & Maya

But as time passed my 3 little angels decided to start a turn into brats. I will now refer to my 3 redheads as the Irish Mafia. They were terrorizers! Gavin just crawled around growling at the other kids. His goal was to scare as many little girls as possible. And my sweet little twins? They were even worse. They would actually gang up on other kids....and hit!

Maya as this high pitched squeal that she let out anytime anyone tried to get near her, then Camille would come running to her rescue and slap the innocent bi stander. It was very embarrassing to see them act this way. I am hoping this is "just a phase" and I can nip this behavior in the bud real fast.

When I told Ely (my hubby) about this new problem he grinned, sat up all proud and said, "Well, they aren't little sissy girls. They're tough." Great. They already have their daddy whooped into thinking they can do no wrong.

I did learn a valuable lesson in all this. Never, EVER will I judge another mother for the way her children act. Jeez, my kids are hellions.

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