Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bedtime Battles

Dear Gavin,

Every night we have the same routine. At 7:30 we put on our PJ's, brush our teeth, get a drink, use the bathroom, then pick out books to read. After that books are read, kisses and hugs, and lights out at 8. Every night, same thing.

So why, WHY must you fight me every single stinkin' night?!

  • No, you can not have another drink.

  • No, you can not watch a movie.

  • No, you can not have any yogurt.

  • No, you do not need a tissue.

  • No, you do not need a band-aid for your mosquito bite.

  • No, you do not need another bath today.

  • No, we can not read one more book.

  • No, we don't need to clean your room right now, I know it's a mess.

I love you, dear boy, but you are very challenging. Must we go through this EVERY night? Sigh. I hate that you end everyday in tears.

I love you,



Rachel said...

WOW...it's like you see inside my house with Xander! I hope you don't mind, but my blog today is a copy/paste of your's.... with a couple changes to suit my only slightly different child! I love this entry!!

Martha said...

It may be a second child thing. My second child also has his difficulties. Hopefully this is a stage and if you just stand your ground he'll get the hang of it EVENTUALLY!

Mariel said...

My second child is the same way too! So...here's the run-down of my four:

Caden: Easy
Shane: Hard
Audrey: Easy
Isabelle: Hard

I'm thinking I might need to end my reproductive streak on an "easy" note...so, we'll probably pump out one more!

suburban hippie mama said...

You're a brave woman Mariel! I think I'll stick w/ my 4...I'm not much of gambler. With my luck I'd be "blessed" with triplets!!

Brenda Collins said...

Thanks for making me laugh about what I have to look forward to. ;)