Friday, September 18, 2009

"Take me to the toilet!"

Gavin has been cracking me up today. There is nothing cuter than the words that come out of a three year old's mouth.

Over breakfast this morning I said, "Man, I've got a crick in my neck."
"What?! You have a cricket in your neck?!" he exclaimed.
"No. I have a crick in my neck." I corrected him.
"Oh. My. Goodness. Get it off Momma!"

We were at Babies R Us today, I looked over at Gavin, with his hands down the back of his pants. "Gavin! Get your hands out of your pants!"

"Take me to the toilet...RIGHT NOW!" With panic written on his face he adds, "Poo poo is coming out!"

I screamed...yes, I have a flair for the dramatics...and made a mad dash for the bathroom. Gavin followed behind, butt cheeks clenched together, shouting "Take me to the toilet! The toilet! The TOILET!"

Since when does he say "toilet" instead of bathroom? Ahhh...never a dull moment. I love it.


Elisabeth said...

HIlaroius - I love kids!! It's awesome!

Kris10 said...

i love ALL of your guys are the CUTEST fam ever!
glad we had a chance to hang out the other day!

Jenny.Lee said...

haha too cute!

Rachel said...


Tasha said...

Your red-headed babies, MY GOODNESS. Absolutely precious.

Mariel said...

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