Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This to shall pass...

I am sitting at the kitchen table, trying to muster up enough willpower to not crawl into bed and cry. It's been one of those days.

I got up extra early this morning, and took Ely to the airport at 4:30 AM. He'll be gone for a week....a meditation retreat in Florida. This change in events have really thrown off the usually scheduled day.

When I got home, I had an hour to myself, then it was time to wake the kids and get Zander ready for school.
From school we met up with some friends for a playdate. Had a great time. Afterwords went to lunch with friends...from there things started to go south...

When we got home I decided I needed to take a nap with the kids. I was starting to get delirious from lack of sleep!

When the kids nap, I usually get caught up with housework...but not today....the house is still a wreck. A clean house is a sign of an unlived life, right? sigh.

After naps, loaded my crew up n the minivan, and picked Zander up from school. From there we went to Target. Mistake. My theory was, the house is a mess, Ely's not there to pick up the slack, so I'm just going to take the kids shoe shopping and do a drive through on the way home. Good idea, but Gavin (the leader of the Irish Mafia) did not agree to this plan. As soon as we entered Target my dear son threw a tantrum, yelling and crying that he wanted chocolate milk from Starbucks. I just bribed him in the van on the way there ...."If you are good boys, you get a happy meal!" I thought I had my bases covered. Hey, no judging, I'm not above bribing my kids. You try shopping with 4 little ones!

Let me get back to this tantrum. I can not express to you the lengths he went. From jumping, to stomping, to yelling and screaming. Nothing was working so he tried to make himself sick! He actually said, "Mom, if you don't stop I'm going to throw up!"

I was mortified. I pulled him to the bathroom....let me add that I'm pushing a double stroller AND physically dragging a 3 year old behind me. The whole time he is yelling, "No Mom! You're hurting me! I don't want a spankin!"

We get into the bathroom, he gets a spanking, and I sit him in the corner where he then proceeds to try to make himself sick.

I am ready to crumble and break down. Why is he acting this way?! I was on the verge of tears when a woman came out of the stall. She said, "It's nice to see a mother disciplining her child in public. So many just threaten. You're doing a good job dear." And she left.

I NEEDED that little pick me up. Thank you mystery lady! It's so hard not to let your emotions control you...especially when your children are acting up. Things didn't get better after that little incident, but oh-well. This to shall pass.

This seems to be the boy's favorite spot.

Well it's nearly 9:oo at night and breakfast dishes are still in the sink. Off to take care of laundry and chores that didn't get done today. How do single parents do it?


Martha said...

oh so sorry. If you need anything this week let me know, even if it is just to come over and hang out and let the kids play.

Tasha said...

Oh, honey. I can't even wrap my head around a trip to Target with four (!) kids in tow. That you were even brave enough to try deserves a freaking medal.

Hope you have a better day today, little mamma.

Brenda Collins said...

I hope things have picked up for you! Good for you to discipline in public! I believe in spanking too. It works! I'm glad that lady said something to support rather than put you down. Great job being on your own for a week!

Mariel said...

I know those days ALL too well!

So...I almost feel BAD asking you this NOW that I read that post...but, how do you feel about doing a guest post on my blog October 11th??

It can be about any idea you have...recipe, entertaining kids, keeping the man happy, shopping, favorite things, gift ideas, Halloween...you name it.

Let me know, sista!