Friday, September 11, 2009

oh Zander...I mean, Jack...

Zander came home from school yesterday and informed me that he was going to change his name when he gets older.

"Why?" I asked. "I love your name."

He said, "Zander is fine for a kid name but not a grown up. When I get bigger I'm changing it to Jack. Don't you know that you can change your name when you get older? It's true, you can Mom."

Later that night we were outside on the driveway playing with sidewalk paint. I was showing off to all the neighborhood kids, and painted a portrait of Zander as a police officer, with a mohawk of course. Underneath the painting I printed out his name.

"Umm, Mom. Cops are grownups, write Jack not Zander."

Oh, how I love my first born.

Everyday I could write about the funny or insightful things he says.


Martha said...

ahh I like Zander as well, maybe you could find him someone who is a grown up who's name is Zander. That way he will want to keep his name :)..

Darla said...

It's so funny to look at name's from a child's perspective! My brother in laws name is Jack and he did not want his son to be a jr. because of all the terrible nick names that go along with the name Jack!

suburban hippie mama said...

Maybe I should let him watch XXX, w/ Vin Diesel...his name was Xander...:)