Monday, June 21, 2010


The single most annoying thing about babies growing up is going up a size in diapers!

The twins just graduated from a size 4 to a size 5....that's 26 less diapers!!  Let me tell you, they aren't peeing any less.  Perhaps more now that they prefer a straw in there cup. 

Is this Pampers way to motivate parents to potty train? 

With Zander I pushed potty training.  We sat for hours in the bathroom reading books.  We had a chart with stickers, M&M's, and watched video's encouraging it.  With Gavin...well, lets just say he taught me the individual child will choose when to go in the toilet.  It's their decision. 

I've heard through the grapevine that girls are easier then boys to potty train.  I also swore that when summer got here I would let the girls go around nude and they would magically train themselves....because, after all, they are so much smarter then boys! Yeah, a couple of accidents squashed that dream.   

I've come to 2 conclusions. 

#1 I don't know a single kindergartner still in diapers...they will eventually be potty trained. 

#2 I've become lazy with 4 kids and just don't have the time or energy to sit for hours in the bathroom reading. 


Martha said...

The plus side of having small children...mine are still in size 3. I don't think any of mine have ever gotten to a size 5 :). Potty training will start when we get back from DC. Wanna have a potty party?

Darla said...

We are kinda working on it. I know they will regress when we move (hopefully within two months), but I think they have other idea! Ayden actually wore big boy unders all day, except nap time. They go pee on the potty 2-5 times/day the last month. If we were really working on it they could be trained I think. But, I worry about how it will work when we go out in public and have to run to the restroom!

suburban hippie mama said...

Darla! That is AWESOME!!