Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love you butt...

Gavin has been the topic of most my latest blog entries.

I just can't help it...the kid cracks me up...even in times of frustration...

Without further adu...another Gavin story...

We're having dinner.

With a mouth full of food Gavin dazes off into space.  Daydreaming.  He then takes his dirty fork and starts brushing his hair with it...still in la la land.

"Gavin!  Wake up buddy!  That's gross!" 

Still looking out the window Gavin dips his fork back into his food and accidentally flings it up overhead.


"Gavin, I love you but...."

That's what my Weegie (my dad's mom) use to say to us kids when we would get in trouble.  I find myself saying it all the time.

"Mom, I love your eyes." Gavin responded, waking from his trance.

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Martha said...

aww he is sweet :)