Monday, May 31, 2010

To old for lullabies...

You know how most children love their momma when they aren't feeling good?  Not my Gavin (4).  That would go against everything about that do what is expected of him. 

Both boys have been sick since last night.  Not sure what's wrong.  Just a high fever and other symptoms. 

Gavin woke up from his afternoon nap very hot.  I brought him a drink of water with a thermometer in hand.  As soon as he saw it he screamed and ran away from me.  I promised him it wouldn't hurt and tried my best to calm down the hysterical little guy.  He wasn't having it.  I physically had to hold him down and put it under his arm.  I then started singing "twinkle twinkle little star" to try to calm him down. 

This only made him MORE ANGRY and he reached up and put his hand over my mouth.  "No!  I don't like that song!" 

Alright.  I looked down at the was already at 102 and going up....

So I started singing his all time favorite "Bushel and a Peck." 

"NOOO!!" and he reached up and swatted my mouth.  "That song is for BABIES!!  I'm a BIG BOY!" 

Looked down at the thermometer again...still going up...103....I really need to invest in one of those fancy forehead contraptions!

"OK Gavin.  I know you don't feel good, but you have to be nice to Mommy.  What song do you want me to sing?"  I stalled checking the extra slow thermometer again.

"I like rock and roll." 

I couldn't help but smile. 

Then I busted out some Bob Seger "Old Time Rock & Roll" in my best raspy voice.  Not really sure where that came from but it was the first thing I thought of!  He liked it, so I guess that's what matters. 

103.6  Poor little guy.


ashlee said...

oh 2 of my kids had that nasty virus...fever but nothing weird and sad for them:(

Aruna said...

Well your son has good taste in music! I like Bob Seger too and its great that you found such a sweet way to help your cranky, feverish son.