Monday, May 31, 2010

A Hot Mess

Most of you know that last year we purchased our first home.  It was is definitely a fixer upper.  In fact, it was pretty trashed out.  Last month we replaced the carpet upstairs and in the master bedroom downstairs.  This weekend Ely started to tear up the tile downstairs.  He and my dad are going to lay new tile next month....yeah, that's 2+ weeks living in chaos.

Very thankful to have a handy man husband.  Saving us tons of money. 

I have never pulled up tile before.  No one warned me what it would be like.  Let me enlighten you.

It's LOUD!  Between the compressor and the drill-thingy that breaks up the tile you can't even hear yourself think....not to mention scardy cat Camille is terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  You can imagine what this did to her.

It's DIRTY!  Because it was so load and I didn't want the kids to get in Ely's way, we went to the park for a few hours.  When I came back it was filthy!  You could see the dust in the air.  There is, seriously, an inch of dust throughout my entire house! 

I opened all the doors and windows to try to air out the house...bye-bye air conditioner.  You can bet that this is the hottest weekend of the year (so far). 

If I would have known this tid bit of information I would have cleared off all the counter tops, packed up most of the living room decor and instruments.  I should have covered the furniture with sheets and made sure all the bedroom doors were shut.  But NoOOoo, this is one of those live and learn scenarios.

  I am seriously considering taking a water hose to the inside of my house. 

I promise I'm not being a spoiled brat.  I am very excited about getting new floors....just kicking myself at the same time. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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