Saturday, May 29, 2010

Passive Aggressive Evil

Last week I was at the pharmacy waiting on a prescription for the girls.  (Camille woke up with matted eyes, it just so happened to be the morning of the girls 2 year checkup....turns out pink eye.  ugh.) 

Anyway, we're there waiting.  The twins (2) and Gavin (4) are all sitting at the kiddie table watching Diego on the flat screen.  In my opinion, they were being good considering they just got poked, prodded and  immunized plus it was lunch time.  Most of the onlookers commented how adorable there red hair was or told me about every set of twins they knew.  

All but one. 

This woman...we'll call her B....sat there with her sunglasses on (yes, we were inside), arms crossed, and a snarl on her face. 

"Are you waiting to pick up your Valium?" B asked me. 

I gave her a very confused look and shook my head no.

"Humph."  she snapped.  "I need one and I've only been listening to your children for 10 minutes."

My mouth dropped open.  I had no idea what to say to that.  I'm a very non-confrontational person, so I just smiled at her uncomfortably. 

The truth is I felt sorry for her.  But I still felt offended.

A few minutes later the cartoon was over and the kids started getting antsy.  They proceeded to rearrange all the furniture in the waiting room.  I think that's when my "evil streak" kicked in.  Usually I will redirect the children to more appropriate activities but I thought, hey she thought that was bad....I'll show her bad. 

Muahahahaha.  <---my evil laugh.

I just sat there reading my Good Housekeeping magazine, not even looking up.  The twins then decided to spin in circles and sing twinkle twinkle little star at the top of their lungs.  I kept reading my magazine.  Gavin decided to race his hotwheel on top of the kiddie table crashing it onto the floor over and over again.  I continued reading. 

Eventually B got up, stepped over a couple of dizzy cuties that had fallen on the floor, and stormed out.

It's official.  I'm a little evil.  I wanted my children to get on her nerves. 


Darla said...


Darla said...

oops...not all of my comment showed up! I also said to insert my evil laugh as well!

Jacqueline said...

I would of had to say something I'm sure. I'm glad you didn't quiet them!

suburban hippie mama said...

haha @ darla!

jacque~ i KNOW you would have said something!! you're crazy like that!

Martha said...

Wow---she was a B. GOod for you for letting your babies b themselves.

Rachel said...

LOVE it!!

suburban hippie mama said...

lol @ caught my name-game!