Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Camille Rose!

You are are truly a sweet girl.  You are so thoughtful.  When I give you special treat you hold out your other hand and say, "and sissy?" 

You have the nick name "Crazy Camille" for a reason.  You are very athletic and love to climb, jump and spin.  Seriously, I have never seen anyone spin in circles as long as you can. 

Camille, you are my muscle...If I'm getting on to the boys you can be sure that you are right there behind me with your hand on your hip and finger shaking.  Last night at dinner your dad and I were disagreeing about something.  You said, "Enough Daddy!" He looked at you and said, "I'm the Dad and you don't talk to me that way."  You looked at him and said, "That's Mom.  Enough."  It took everything I had not to crack up!  You're a feisty little thing.

You are extremely shy around strangers.  You cry when you see a bug or an animal that you don't know.  The vacuum terrifies you.  You love your pink and brown polka dot blankie. 

Camille, you LOVE to color and paint.  You can do it for hours.  You are also showing interest in playing music.  You pick up the djembe daily to drum ordering your sister to dance.  You also love to strum your daddy's guitar.  Not to mention, you play a mean whistle. 

You love to play outside and get dirty.  You are not into hair bows or ponytails (it's a constant battle between us!)  You are so smart.  You can (and will) repeat everything you hear. 

I love you with all my heart little one.


Mariel said...

That's sweet! Kids are SO amazing!

Martha said...

So do we pare them up by who is most alike, because if we do, Hosea and Camille are so much alike in personality, and Micah and Maya, or we could match them up with their twin's alikeness (Micah and Camille and Hosea and Maya) .. wow did that make sense? :D

Lindsay said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog and I've been reading a few of your posts - I could have written some of them myself! I have 4 kids under 5 also. There's 2 years and 11 months between my oldest and my youngest! Your twins are 6 months older than mine.

suburban hippie mama said...

it actually did martha! =)lol

lindsay~ nice to meet you! life's pretty crazy w/ all these little ones huh? btw i love the name of your blog...stressed and blessed...pretty much sums it up!