Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Maya Louise!


I can not believe that you are already two years old!  You will always be "Maya Princess."  You are definitely a momma's girl and you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger.  You love to make your sister laugh.  You have a special bond with Zander and LOVE to go pick him up at the bus stop.  Everyday you ask him, "Was school?  Was school?  Was school?" until he answers you.."It was FINE!" 

Maya, you would rather be in the kitchen sitting on the counter helping me cook then outside playing with the other kids.  You love to sing.  You are an extremely picky eater and mainly survive on goldfish and raisins. 

You have your special baby that you chew on her feet every night.  When it makes a laughing sound you make a sad face and then say, "awww, baby cry." 

You're definitely a bossy boss and I think you kinda like tattling on your brother Gavin.  You come to me daily saying, "Bubba hut mee" with your bottom lip out.  Gavin comes in yelling, "No I didn't!"  I may never know the truth. 

You've already mastered playing hard to get.  Every morning when your dad leaves for work we all kiss him at the door ....everyone but you.  You are stingy with your kisses and you make your daddy work for them.  You will go to the other side of the room and pretend to be sad or bashful....make HIM come to you.  Then he picks you up, you put your head down and bat your lashes and say "noOOoo" until he smothers you in kisses and tickles before you smile and say goodbye. 

You love for me to read to you.  When we look at animal books everything is a bear or a cow.  You are such a sweet baby girl.  I am totally in love with you.



Rachel said...

LOVE your letters to the girls! It's so fun going back & re-reading them over the years! Your princesses are awesome & you are completely blessed!

Martha said...

So sweet. How did they get to be two already! One of these days I will be able to tell them apart :)