Monday, June 28, 2010

Tulsa Kids Magazine

Be sure to pick up a free copy of Tulsa Kids magazine this month.  There is an article in it titled, "Twins Plus More, Giving Siblings Room to Grow" written by the very talented Holly Wall.  She interviewed me (yup, I feel like a star) and a picture of our family is in it! 

I was so excited to show my boys (ages 4 & 5) their picture in a magazine.  Unfortunately, they weren't to impressed.  In fact, they were a little jealous of the four children on the opposite page. 

"Hey, no fair!  They get to go swimming and play with bubbles."  Zander pointed out.

"Yeah.  We're just sitting in the yard."  Gavin added.


Michigan Party Rentals said...

But your family is looking very sweet in the photograph. All the sweet sweet kids are very sweet.

Cindy said...

You have a lovely family!