Tuesday, June 15, 2010

doggie dog world

I'm not a dog person....or a cat person for that matter.  Never had one growing up.  Never wanted one as an adult. 

I know it's a weird hang up and I want my children to love animals....so we got a Boston Terrier puppy last year, Obi.  Surprisingly, I have really grown to love the little guy....but he still gets on my nerves a little. 


I had to give you a little background info for my current story.  I am dog sitting my sister's 8 month old boxer, Jupiter, for 8 days.  Me (the self proclaimed "not a dog person")  dog sitting a giant puppy for over a week....while we're remodeling our house. 

Let me make sure you understand.  2 puppies, 4 kids, living in construction chaos...and did I mention it's been raining?!

Yesterday morning the kids and I were on our way out to meet some friends for a playdate.  Before we left the boys let the dogs out to go potty.  Jupiter decided to roll in a mud puddle.  Ugh.  I wanted to just leave them in the backyard but they had been JUMPING the fence the entire day before.  I knew my sister would never forgive me if I lost her dog. So we dragged her giant crate outside to lock her up....I was dressed and didn't want to get dirty.  This way I could deal with the muddy dog later.  I thought my idea was brilliant. 


It wasn't.

It rained while I was gone.  Water collect in the poor dog's crate...she was standing in about 5 inches of water!  The night before I put a maroon colored blanket inside so she would be comfortable.  It colored the water hot pink and dyed her paws! 

I felt horrible.

I had to carry a giant wet hot pink boxer puppy to the bath and scrub her down.  Let me tell you, it was a sight to see.  I'm sure my boys learned a few choice words I spewed off during the ordeal. 

I will never be asked to dog sit again.


Jacqueline said...

Lol! I love this story! I also think it's hilarious that you made it sound like you carried Rebekkah's crate outside and put her in it (since you were just talking about Rebekkah and just said 'her' instead of Jupiter). Bahahaha! The wording made me crack up.

Brenda Collins said...

very funny! and a boxer puppy too...they have got to be the most wired hyper puppies. good luck with the rest of the time you have the extra puppy on top of the house, kids and your own dog.