Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backyard Summer Fun!

I'm genius, I tell you...genius. I just don't know why I haven't thought of this sooner.

All my kids LOVE to be outside. If one of the girls are crying, all we have to do is walk outside with them and they chill out. The problem is, or should I say was, our yard isn't baby proof. We have a deck, uneven ground, sticks, and a crazy three year old running around. Not very baby friendly.

Usually our backyard adventures only last about 20 minutes....pulling in the wagon and then into the sandbox. The newness of the sandbox has worn off, and I am constantly having to put one of the twins back into the big green turtle.

Today the boys wanted to play t-ball. I moved the girls highchairs outside into the shade and they were our little cheerleaders for a good 30 minutes. At halftime we decided we need to cool off with the water hose. Now for the genus part....drum roll please...I put about an inch or two of water in each of the babies highchair trays. They splashed and giggled for another half hour while we finished our game.

It was nice to have the girls safe and happy outside while I got to spend quality time with my older boys.


Mariel said...

I always new there was something special about you! Great idea! Kids and splashing just seem to go together!

Rachel said...

That's awesome fun!!! Great thinking mommy!

suburban hippie mama said...

I just re-read my entry...dang, I was proud of myself! lol! Thanks for the support ladies!!