Friday, May 22, 2009

No TV, No Problem!

So, we have been officially without a television for a month choice. Honestly, I don't miss it at all! When we moved into our new home we decided not to install cable. We watched WAY TO MUCH! We wanted more out of our lives then the drama on the screen.

The boys use watch cartoons for several hours every after breakfast we PLAY! Not to diss educational kid shows, heck they taught my boys their ABC's. Plus when I was pregnant with the twins I don't think I could have survived without the babysitter...I mean, tv. I use to watch soaps during we just talk and I try to teach my boys table manners...Gavin's got a long way...he's messy!!

It's sad, really, when one of the first things you think about on Tuesday is, "Oh, American Idol is on tonight! Yeah!"

My four year old, Zander, was giving me updates about the latest Tulsa driveby's. Enough was enough.

Instead of tv, our evenings now consist of each other...playing games, baths, reading books. After the kids go to bed my husband and I have our time. We can read, blog, meditate, talk, reconnect...this is OUR TIME!

The coolest thing about not having a tv? MY ATTITUDE! It's amazing, the effect of stopping the polution you feed yourself daily...the affairs, the murders, the gossip. It's unhealthy to compare yourself to the unrealistic images of women in the media. Having had 4 children, lets just say my body just isn't what it use to be! Not to mention, all the drama...gone. All around I'd say I'm a more positive person...ask my husbands and kids.

Also, I've noticed the boys using there imaginations more and playing TOGETHER! Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now...


Elisabeth said...

Good for you! Every summer we give up TV - or at least cut down substantially (meaning an hour or less a day - unless it's Food Network!). We are one of the only families I know that doesn't have DVR or TiVo or anything and if we *REALLY* need/want to watch something - we pull out the trusty VCR tapes and actuall "RECORD" something.

This past week I've turned off the TV in the morning when getting ready for work (usually H2 gets to watch Disney channel while I get ready for work/school) but I see a HUGE change in both of our attitudes without TV. We listen to music and talk with each other. It's made a huge difference and I welcome our summer TV hiatus!

It's crazy how much we "rely" on it - when we are so much better off without it at all!

Natasha said...

Darling! You won the Aquarium pass! E-mail Laura at LRitchhart at cox dot net to claim your prize, okay? Congrats!