Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aquarium Trip

They had a giveaway for a family membership to the Jenks Aquarium and I WON!! How cool is that?! They are both pretty cool local blogs and have frequent check 'em out!
Wednesday I thought I was supermom and decided to take all four kiddos to the aquarium....alone. Time has passed, I can laugh about it now. Before we even got inside the twins were crying. Camille is walking now and Maya is trying...neither want to be in there stroller...both wanted to be held. I gave them both a bottle and reclined there stroller seats. Thank heavens Camille fell asleep!

This gave me and the boys a good hour of fun with the fishies! The cool thing about having a membership, we don't have to spend all day there....very unrealistic with four small children....but usually you want to get your money's worth and spend all day. But now we can go, I can threaten with a "If you don't behave we're leaving" and actually follow through because you can come back tomorrow...FREE!

Gavin and Zander are going to be underwater experts by the end of this year!

We loved the hands on exhibits. Feeding the turtles and stingrays. Touching a know Gavin had to totally inspect everything.

I was glad Camille slept through it, but sad that she missed it. Maya thought the fish were magical. I loved watching her watch the fish. It seriously brought joyful tears to my eyes.

When Camille finally woke up, all hell broke loose. At that point I decided that we should call it a day. We headed through the gift shop to the exit. Our NO TOUCHING, ONLY LOOKING rule was ignored by Gavin. He broke a jiggly, watery, glittery thingy all over the place. Shamefully, we told an employee and headed out before anymore damage could be done.
Once outside, Gavin started jumping from rock to rock in front of the big alligator while someone was trying to take a picture of their kids sitting on it. Ignoring my calls and warnings (do we see a trend here...Gavin ignoring me AGAIN!?) he falls into the mud ruining his good tennis shoes. Sigh. By the time I got to the car I was...frazzled. Had to count to ten.

Call me crazy, but I can't wait to go back next week! Just another day in the life...wouldn't change it for the world!


Rachel said...

Sounds like great fun! Not sure that I am ready for all of that yet!! I live vicariously through you and learn my lessons through you as well! Thanks pal!! :)

Tasha said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you and your kiddos enjoyed the Aquarium. May many more days of splashing and fun come your way with that year-long membership of yours. =)

By the way, your children are lovely. Let me know how to make red-headed babies, because I've always wanted one.

Martha said...

ahh he looks so grown up without his baby curls.:(