Sunday, June 7, 2009

A very gross obsession

Camille, my very sweet, adorable, precious baby has a very gross, nasty OBSESSION. I almost don't want to blog about it. But my dad persuaded me to...mostly to embarrass her in future years...telling the world her dirty little secret. Camille loves the toilet. I can't keep her out of it.

The other day I'm in the living room playing with Maya and I hear, "No Camille, that's gross!" I run to the bathroom where Camille is playing with her 3 year old brothers stream of pee going into the toilet!!! I seriously SCREAMED at the disgusting sight!

Every time she hears the bathroom door open or toilet flush she bolts for it. I don't remember having this problem with the boys. I think because only adults used the toilets then and we always closed the door behind us it was never a problem. But the boys are constantly leaving the door open and my sneaky little baby finds her way in there and loves to splash! It's disgusting, I know. And it's not like I let her do it...listen to me being all defensive. Please tell me my child isn't the only one with this very gross obsession. Let's all pray she grows out of it.

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Martha said...

it must be in the stars..our children are meant for each other, the baby boys have the same obsession...